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Is It Good? The X-Files Season 10 #4 Review

The truth is out there, as to whether or not this comic is good. So, I guess the truth is just in my head behind all these racing thoughts about bathing, eating, getting the brakes on my car fixed, and whether or not having sex with a ghost counts as necrophilia. Well, does it, Ke$ha?

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Uh…anyway, let’s find out if The X-Files Season 10 numero cuatro es bueno.

The X-Files Season 10 #4 (IDW Publishing)

Harris continues to up the drama and the mystery in issue #4. In classic X-Files fashion, we start with an opening that ends on a cliffhanger, then go back in time to find out what led to these climactic moments. It’s an effect that X-Files fans both know and love, and it hits all the right notes. The tone is perfectly in line with the the show, yet it brings a little something extra to the table. For instance, The Lone Gunmen are back. It’s really great to see Mulder having a back and forth with them over the phone while they do their technological wizardy. And of course, what X-Files comic would be complete without Mulder having to save Scully? Yup, we get plenty of that. Except, just like in the show, Scully is not a completely helpless damsel in distress. She can kick just as much ass as Mulder, and pulls her sidearm and shouts out she’s going to fill you full of lead in much the same fashion. Summation: Joe Harris does right by X-Files fans, and makes things interesting enough that casual fans or even people that haven’t watched the show can enjoy this series.

Michael Walsh’s renditions of Mulder, Scully, and The Lone Gunmen still hold up. They didn’t, like, randomly get all fat or anything. Walsh’s art continues to serve its purpose, and occasionally excels into a neat image or two, but primarily the visual function is to immerse the reader into the preexisting X-Files universe. It does this. While Walsh’s art style is very plain Jane, it’s far from overtly ugly Jane that can’t do likenesses. So, though it may be a little middle of the road, full of traditional proportions and forms, the panels enamor one to their contents.

It’d nice if Bellaire’s coloring popped more, but it isn’t bothering me a great deal. Mostly because a lack of flash is the hue of The X-Files. If it was too flashy, it’d be Fringe. (I tried with that show, I really f-----g did.)


  • Intriguing plot…still.
  • Likenesses are good, and occasionally art excels beyond mere appropriations.
  • How we tyin’ all this up in one issue?
  • Somewhat reticent of the second X-Files film, in that I’m having a hard time caring.

Is It Good?

The initial shock of being reunited with our favorite F.B.I. agents from the basement has petered out, and one wonders when the traditional gray aliens will show up. Give me a space ship (I’m hoping I get one next issue, but probably not). Hell, I’ll even settle for one of those stupid-ass Samantha clones. (Seriously, what were up with the Samantha clones? Weren’t they somehow related to bees?) The story has legs enough to keep running, but there’s no way of knowing if said destination will be worth the hustle.

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