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Is It Good? Avengers #20 Review

And so Infinity continues on into Avengers #20. The heroes finally scored a win on the Builders, but the battle is far from over. Here we go! Is it good?

Avengers #20 (Marvel Comics)

Avengers #20 Cover

Okay so apparently that victory wasn’t good enough. The Galactic Council are still outmanned and outgunned in every single way. So they have to come up with a plan quickly! Meanwhile, Ex Nihilo and Abyss meet up with another one of their kind, Ex Nihila, who wants to have a talk with them.

Avengers 20 01
She also brought her posse with her as well.

This issue was rather unexciting and padded in a way. The story is divided into mini-chapters and pretty much all of the first chapter, The Words of a Gardener was just recap of what we already knew in Infinity with only one thing tacked on at the end. Pretty much could have folded this part into Infinity.

The rest of the chapters don’t really have much going on with them. Mostly a lot of talking that isn’t engaging spewed by characters that only a real Marvel fan will care or know anything about. I know of the existence of the Kree Empire, but nothing of the characters, their politics, history, and way of existing. So having a whole chapter where a bad guy is essentially boasting that he’s much more super special awesome than they are really does not mean a single thing to me.

Avengers 20 02
A more direct question? Sure! What the hell do you even accomplish from doing all of this? I still don’t get it!

The rest of the story is par for the course of Infinity. Dull characters, powerful but uninteresting villains, and generic melodramatic sounding dialogue. Though this issue starts devolving back into the crap that Avengers was pulling before the event. Not much going on until the very end and the writer shows that he only cares about everyone else but the Avengers themselves.

I’m seriously questioning whether or not this entire run and event couldn’t worked in the DC universe. A few situations, alien changes, and a bit reworking what the character does what, and this comic could easily be about the Justice League.

The artwork feels odd this time around. It’s all drawn by one artist, one colorist (or as the credits put it color artist), and one inker; but the work looks different every chapter a way. One chapter has brighter colors, one has more shadows, etc. It’s just really odd. That said, it’s all drawn fine admittedly, just with nothing really visually interesting to look at outside of the retread of events in the first chapter.

Avengers 20 Black Widow cleavage
Black Widow, seriously? You got into space and you decide the best outfit is the one that shows off more cleavage? You are clearly not a space cadet!


  • Couple of interesting things that happen at the very end.
  • The artwork by Leinil Yu is good.
  • Exposition and dialogue are pretty dry.
  • Newcomers: Stay away.
  • The writing by Jonathan Hickman has devolved in many ways.

Is It Good?

It’s a whole lot of meh with this issue. It’s really sad in a way. Avengers started off promising when Infinity finally reared its ugly head, but now? It’s actually devolving! This comic has to shape up quickly, otherwise this is going to lead up into one hell of a weak finale.


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