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Is It Good? Dinosaurs Attack! #3 Review

When it comes to straight up, B-movie science fiction you either go to a classic horror flick, or fall back on comic books. IDW Publishing has been re-releasing the trading-card-turned-comic Dinosaur Attacks! comics with the intention of finishing the series and I’ve loved every pseudoscientific minute of it. Issue #3 came out today, is it good?

Dinosaurs Attack! #3 (IDW Publishing)

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The series opened with a scientist who could peer into the past from a space station floating outside Earth. Something went wrong, and instead of seeing into the past, it’s actually teleported dinosaurs into the present. The second issue went full dino mayhem on us, letting artist Earl Norem go buck wild with hilariously disturbing scenes of dinosaurs eating all walks of life: people at their wedding, elementary school kids…the guy just went bonkers. This issue pulls back on that sort of material, showing us how the human armies are handling the attacks and progressing the story of our scientist who brought this on Earth in the first place.

A brief opening for Norem to dazzle us with…the weird.

It’s interesting to note the first issue seemed to suggest the scientist who developed the time machine had an alternate personality that was evil and running the show. This issue may or may not reveal more light on this, but it’s nothing I expected and I’m not sure it’s a new development or has to do with what was revealed in previous issues. Confusing or not, it’s a complete surprise and also adds another layer to this seemingly simple premise. The B-movie science isn’t as simple as it seems and there are some complex developments in this issue that might bring pause to those wanting brainless action. Those, like me, who love a good story and surprise should be even more interested in the next issue after reading this one.

Dinosaurs with brains…we’re doomed!

Therea re also some interesting elements of what it means to have a soul and a potential god dinosaurs pray to. Yeah, that sounds nuts, but it’s right here for you to read. Writer Gary Gernai must have had a blast writing this series, because he’s already stuck twice as much story and plot into what at face value seems a simple concept.

Since Norem only gets a brief part in the opening, and a single page near the end, most of the art is done in a conventional comic book style. That’s fine, since most of it is exposition and character development, which doesn’t require splashing, bombastic paintings. There’s nothing too exceptional as far as layout and design, but the sharp dialogue helps keep things moving and interesting.

Cigars on the battlefield. What is this, a comic book?!


  • Compelling pseudoscientific elements at play
  • Not much action

Is It Good?

Sure is, especially for those who love a good science fiction romp. Sure the science might not be that realistic, but there are elements here I haven’t seen before. The only downside might be the lack of dino action, but that’s okay considering how last issue was all action. The story progression in this issue is much warranted and necessary to keep us interested.


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