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Is It Good? Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth #4 Review

When you combine evil aliens, Godzilla, and megazoologists you got yourself one “monster” threesome. IDW has been publishing one tantalizingly good Godzilla comic book and issue #4 is here. Is it good?

Godzilla: Rulers Of The Earth #4 (IDW Publishing)

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Last issue ended with Godzilla taking a kill shot to the chest, aliens were working towards taking over Earth and things looked dire indeed for humanity. Without the help of Godzilla it looks particularly bad, because he’s not even concerned with stomping on human cities anymore, but instead taking out the aliens. He’s so aware of this new threat that he’s even teaming up with classic monsters he’s faced time and time again.

“He’s not dead, he’s just sleeping.”

The majority of this issue focuses on Godzilla versus a new monster named Destroyah (at least I think it’s new) who has been put on Earth to take out Godzilla, the only major threat to the aliens who want to terraform the planet. Fans of Mothra should take note, as the monster teams up with Godzilla, and they even use their smarts to work together. It’s an interesting development, particularly because I always thought these monsters were dumb as bricks. Writer Chris Mowry seems to be suggesting there’s a lot more than meets the eye with these monsters. I only hope he continues this thread and reveals more in the coming months because it’s a tantalizing prospect.

That is one badass design.

Since most of the book is this action sequence, the brunt of the enjoyment comes from the art by Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow. They deliver, particularly in keeping things understandable and spatially always knowing where the monsters are. It goes a long way keeping the reader interested and invested in every single blow. Dare I say the art gives a bit of a personality to the monsters, even Mothra, which helps distinguish them as something other than mindless monsters. That of course lends itself to the story as well, considering we’re learning these monsters can actually work together.

Godzilla slam!

We do briefly check in with the human protagonists, but only to give us an idea of where they might be going in the next issue. So far the series seems to go back and forth with an action heavy issue like this one then back to story progression in the next. Essentially this keeps us interested, but also delivers on all the monster battles we want in a balanced way.

I see youuuuu.


  • Great art “humanizing” the monsters.
  • Not much story progression

Is It Good?

Yep, another strong installment in the series. It doesn’t quite hit the levels the last issue did, but that’s because the pages were devoted to one massive action sequence. That means a bit less story progression, but that’s still okay, because next issue promises to deliver in that regard. the fact is, this issue sets up the stakes quite well and gives us the best action sequence yet in the series.


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