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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #7 Review

When a comic changes gears it’s usually for one of two reasons: either the creative team has changed, or a new story arc requires it. For Star Wars: Legacy both are true, as the artist has changed and also the new arc requires things come down to ramp up to a whole new climax. This is the second issue in the new story arc, is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #7 (Dark Horse Comics)

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There’s a new threat to Jedi everywhere named Darth Wredd, but it appears he’s also a threat to the Sith. Note that it has been 138 years since A New Hope and the Sith have long since been eradicated. He’s taking them out, and while the leaders from the good guy corner think this is great news, Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao don’t think so. They’ve decided to go out on their own and track down Wredd before his plans can gain enough traction to take the heroes by surprise. Unfortunately Jao is going against orders for selfish reasons, which puts him in direct violation of his duties. His master lets him go anyhow, partly because Jao is being driven by a dream from the Living Force, so we know it’s a big deal. This issue follows Jao and Ania as they start out on this new quest.

People afraid of spiders…don’t read this comic!

One reason why this new story arc works so well is because writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman are setting up some implications of the characters actions nicely. It’s not completely obvious what may happen, but it appears there is a design behind Jao’s dream, Wredd’s plans and Ania’s stumbling in between them. They’ve dropped a few hints that Wredd may be working towards creating a Sith duo that could rival Darth Vader and the Emperor, which is obviously an exciting premise. Can history repeat itself? That’s what keeps the pages turning here, especially considering the heroes may not have the knowledge we do of what has come before.

Spider chase sequence!

A large portion of this issue involves giant spiders who are used as vehicles for Ania to save an alien criminal from being executed. This is the action that keeps things moving forward, while the supporting characters all spend their time talking and setting up the chess pieces that will ultimately be used in future issues. Considering the spider chase is more of a distraction than anything it all works well, especially since when was the last time you saw a spider-riding chase sequence?

I wasn’t totally sold on artist Brian Thies’ style last issue, but this issue comes together much better. That’s mostly because there’s actual action to draw, which he clearly has a handle of. Last issue was almost all talking heads, and while there’s plenty of that here, it is broken up nicely with the action.

Don’t pull on those!


  • Good balance between action and exposition
  • Can’t shake the feeling this spider chase is filler…but it was pretty cool none the less

Is It Good?

If you like well balanced action and exposition I can’t see how you wouldn’t like this issue. There’s advancement of plot for all characters too, and while the spider chase does feel like your stereotypical George Lucas action sequence for action’s sake, it’s fun and new. You can’t say that with most comics.

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