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Is It Good? Wolverine and the X-Men #36 Review

Finally, a crossover worth reading. There has been almost nothing wrong with the first four chapters of this X-Men crossover and this issue is almost like the mid-way finale. With tensions at a high and a battle about to commence everything has come to a head. Will this great read continue its trend of quality? Is it good?

Wolverine and the X-Men #36 (Marvel Comics)


Like everything about the X-Men, there are multiple dimensions to this brawl. There is a mental battle that is being fought by older, Xorn-Jean on one side and Emma, the Cuckoos and young Jean on the other. In the physical realm a fight ensues between old Scott alongside new Scott against Wolverine and all of the future and present X-Men.

Now doesn’t that just sound like it would be an awesome slugfest? Well, it would be, if the execution were right. The main problem I had with the way this fight went down was the gravity of it all. Instead of a consistent and explosive fight continuing throughout the whole issue, this comic took the pattern of: talk a little, fight a bit, pick sides, focus on another scene, talk a little, fight a bit, pick sides, focus on another scene, and on and on. This is both tedious and makes the conclusion of it all seem less meaningful.


I would say that the bulk of the suspense in this comic came from the psychic battlefield. The battle was intense, confusing, dialogue heavy (which I love) and colorful to boot. All of the women played important parts in this fight and the ending was actually pretty neat. Although I love Jason Aaron to death, I don’t think he fully understands how to write women’s dialogue. I thought some of the talk was kind of clunky and awkward.


On the flipside however, Deadpool gives a speech partway through the issue that was very well written. It seemed very Deadpool yet also felt different because it was coming from Oldpool.

The strong point of this book was the follow-up to a story thread that was introduced in the opening pages of the first issue. A bombshell is dropped that opens up so many possibilities and keeps me so very hungry for next issue.


  • Great bombshell at the end
  • Psychic battle is nicely done
  • Art is horrible
  • The battle isn’t well executed
  • Dialogue is only ok

I was not pleased with the art. I just thought that it was uninteresting. For a fight this big and so much going on, I didn’t really feel like I was experiencing or even looking in on the action. Figures were off, the coloring was too much, the inking wasn’t at all pleasing, even hairlines were compromised. Just bad all around.

Is it Good?

Meh. Take it because it’s part of the crossover, but satisfaction is not guaranteed.


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