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Is It Good? Forever Evil #2 Review

The Crime Syndicate has taken hold of the entire world and many of the villains on this Earth have joined up with them. With few heroes left to do anything, who will be able to stop the new rulers of the world? Is it good?

Forever Evil #2 (DC Comics)

Forever Evil #2 Cover

Lex Luthor makes his way into the lower levels of his building, having come up with a plan on how to take down the Crime Syndicate. Well, at least that’s what he is hoping. Meanwhile, the Syndicate continue their plan to take control all over while the Teen Titans head to the fallen Justice League Watchtower to see what they can do to take down the bad guys. All in all, it’s going to be a very dark day.

Forever Evil 02 01
Also, for teens, a couple of team don’t look all that teenage.

After a great opening issue, the second issue manages to stay just as strong and engaging. This issue focused on showing the aftereffects of the Crime Syndicate’s conquest, with how the world is reacting to them, what other villains are, and even what they are up to themselves. All of this is very engaging and interesting as more subplots start to appear and we get some solid characterization. While the Syndicate’s ultimate goals are pretty basic, each member is very different and unique in its own way, with their own personalities and goals. There’s no way you can like them, but they are certainly not flat or one dimensional characters.

Forever Evil 02 Green Lantern arm
You know, I never realized it, but you are such a pansy.

The rest of the writing is good. Like I said, all of these plot lines and subplots being developed are actually very interesting and some of which are good surprises. Although the ending could have been more of a surprise if it wasn’t hinted at in some solicitations or covers for the book. The pacing is solid and gives everyone enough panel time to develop their stories, so nothing feels decompressed. Dialogue and the interactions is decent (a little less so than with the Teen Titans). Overall, a very good book on the writing wise.

The artwork, again, is the most problematic thing going on in this comic. It’s ugly looking with poorly drawn characters (not so much that you can’t tell everyone apart mind you) with similar faces and odd anatomy. I mean, some of the areas look decent, the one action scene was pretty neat, and tone does fit the ugliness of the art itself. But it is just so meh after the previous event had three (well two) great artists on it.

Forever Evil 02 03
Gah! What’s wrong with your face?!


  • Lots of good story and subplots.
  • The villains are well characterized.
  • Good-looking action.
  • Ending impact may have been a bit spoiled.
  • The rest of the artwork leaves a lot to be desired.

Is It Good?

Definitely. Despite its unappealing artwork, Forever Evil is a solid event that has very good writing and hasn’t dipped in quality upon the second issue. If you are looking for a solid event this season that knows how to have both a good story and well defined characters, definitely give this comic a shot.


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