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Is It Good? Lady Rawhide #2 Review

And after so much waiting (seriously, I’ve been actually waiting to see the next part) Lady Rawhide #2 has finally arrived. The first issue beat my expectations (which were zero to begin with) and was surprisingly a fun time, even if it wasn’t completely unique in its writing. However, can it be even better than last time? Is it good?

Lady Rawhide #2 (Dynamite)

Lady Rawhide #2 Cover

Lots of things goin’ on this time around. Lady Rawhide has to deal with an ambush of soldiers before she can carry a wound woman she discovered to a doctor. Captain Reyes gets chewed out and yelled at by the governor for failing to capture Rawhide. And on top of that, an old man offers up his services in capturing our heroine, one who may not be as nice as Reyes.

Lady Rawhide 2 01
Also, there will be boobs. Gloriously big boobs.

This is issue has some of the same features like the first issue, for better and for worse. There are familiar characters with familiar back stories and tropes straight out of old western tales. I’ll grant it the twist at the ending was surprising and effective, but the rest of the tale is familiar. Happily, there are no weird page arrangements and the main character retains her likeability throughout.

Also, we seem to have a plot going now for this issue. Again, we’ve seen it before, but we got a plot going with the villains trying to capture Lady Rawhide and the women outlaw gang from the first issue reappearing. The rest of the writing is perfectly fine, with average dialogue to good pacing. Outside of weird writing quirk in how the flashbacks start off, this comic slightly improved in the writing department this time around.

The artwork by Milton Estevam is just as good as usual. Some of the female characters had some similar faces, but the rest of the stuff is good. Action was enjoyable, scenery looked good, still like the coloring to the flashbacks, and there was some decent facial expressions. I still question how our hero is able to keep breasts from popping out of her outfit, but what can you do?

Lady Rawhide 2 02
Considering your outfit, I’m not sure about the fool bit.


  • The writing by Eric Trautmann has improved a bit
  • Main character is enjoyable
  • The art is good, despite the poor choice in costuming.
  • Nothing new or different from this kind of story.

Is It Good?

Lady Rawhide is a simple and familiar, but still enjoyable western story. It’s not fine art or game changing writing, but it’s kind of comic you would get to just relax with. If you liked the first issue, you certainly will enjoy the second.


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