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Is It Good? Mighty Avengers #2 Review

Mighty Avengers had a good showing with its first issue, even somehow becoming better than the main event it was tying into. However, with a bunch of the team together now and their first villain in their sights, how will their first showing as a team go? Is it good?

Mighty Avengers #2 (Marvel Comics)

Somewhere in the world, Dr. Adam Brashear (aka Blue Marvel) is working in his underwater lab when he is visited by Uatu, the Watcher for the Earth. While he does not say anything, Brashear knows something is up and is probably needed for something. Speaking of which, back in Times Square, Luke Cage and rest are fighting Proxima Midnight and her forces with all they got. Still, will it be enough?

Little known fact: Proxima has won a couple of gold medals at the Olympics for her javelin throwing abilities.

Last issue was more about getting the characters established and getting together to fight against Proxima’s forces, without seeing them really team up until the very end. This issue is more of one long-but-awesome fight scene. Sure, there are some more characters being established, like the Blue Marvel (which was nice, since I never heard of him before), but it is mostly a fight scene.

So not much in the way of story progression, right? Sort of, but we are still moving forward story-wise. Not all of the team has arrived yet, but we are getting there. Things are happening, like with what happens to Spectrum and seeing the outcome of what happened with Dr. Strange back in Infinity #2. There could be more, but what we did get was still enjoyable and had lots of great moments regardless.

For a dangerous and powerful villain such as yourself, you certainly didn’t see that coming, did you?

The artwork continues to be by Greg Land and opinions will remain divided as always. His work here isn’t too bad, with the action and characters looking good for the most part. There definitely weren’t as many odd looking facial expressions this time around. One thing that did stand out, however, were some of the action bits. Sometimes a character throws a punch or kick and the person doesn’t look like they were hit at all, despite being knocked back. It’s odd, but you can see it, in particular when Luke throws down with Proxima.

Oh my god, he’s bleeding ketchup! The humanity!


  • The characters are still good.
  • Lots of great moments and awesome fight scene.
  • A very solid tie-in to Infinity.
  • Greg Land’s artwork will still be make or break for some folks.
  • Not a lot in story progression.

Is It Good?

Mighty Avengers continues to be enjoyable overall. The plot doesn’t move much here, and there wasn’t nearly as much in the way of characterization outside of one person, but it was still a fun read. It still remains one of the better Avengers book out there in only two issues, so make sure to give it a look.


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