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Is It Good? Thunderbolts #16 Review

Despite its art, I honestly liked Thunderbolts last time. It was really enjoyable despite its flaws and made me want to see where it went. That’s why I’m back and ready to see where the next issue goes in this Infinity tie-in. Is it good?

Thunderbolts #16 (Marvel Comics)

Thunderbolts #16 Cover

Thanos’ forces have descended on New York and chaos is abounding. However, the Thunderbolts still have a mission to complete, despite a lot of them being separated, and that is to take out the Paguros crime organization (okay, Deadpool is still technically on the hunt for a pizza shop). However, will they be able to do it with everyone divided and the aliens themselves attacking their underwater base?

Thunderbolts 16 01
Nothing to worry about honestly. As long as the Red Hulk with the gigantic mouth is there, all will be well.

Okay, now this felt like a tie-in to Infinity: An alien invasion with the Thunderbolts all caught up in this mess and one of those silly looking Black Order members showing up to cause trouble. The only problem with this is… the aliens are not that intimidating or threating. They get their butts easily handed to them and they say and do silly things, like stealing coins out of a fountain, which reduced their threat level. I mean, after reading Mighty Avengers today, I’m left wondering if these were the same aliens that I saw earlier.

Thunderbolts 16 02
Still, that scene did lead to one of the best moments of the comic.

The rest of the book is still so much fun; the characters (I’m still questioning whether or not their personalities are right) interact and play off each other well; there’s a lot of humor here despite how serious things are, but it’s constantly making me smile or chuckle; and the story moves quickly (though it feels a bit decompressed), but it remains easy to follow. It’s really an enjoyable story overall.

However, there is a problem that is weighing this book down: the artwork. Bad body structures; odd facial expressions; empty, devoid of life backgrounds; weird gradate color filters for some backgrounds; wasted panel space; and so much more. I can understand this book wanting to go for an art style that is a bit sillier looking, but this stuff goes a bit off the deep end.

Thunderbolts 16 03
Oh no, he’s being attacked by rectangle aliens! Aliens made of nothing but rectangles!


  • This is a very fun and enjoyable story.
  • Characters are great to watch.
  • Fun little ride
  • The artwork.
  • The aliens aren’t portrayed as very intimidating, unlike other Infinity books.

Is It Good?

Yes. Thunderbolts is a very fun and enjoyable comic, despite how serious it appears. It has to potential to be more, but it’s held back by its artwork. Still, it is worth a read.


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