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Is It Good? Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 Review

Marvel Comics has recently rebooted the Marvel Knights line to highlight the best and brightest up and coming comic creators. AKA, “Damn, Image Comics is pwning us with the creative material… let’s steal away their talent and throw them on primo titles!” Without further ado, Spider-Man gets a new lease on creative light, is it good?

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 (Marvel Comics)

Anyone thinking, “Time for some heavy bombastic reading to blow my mind” should stop and think, “Do you really want that. Do you?” That’s because this story, aside from a pretty slim setup, is all about the art.

No offense to writer Matt Kindt, because I’m sure he’s got cards up his sleeves for issue #2, but this issue is flimsy at best. It’s all a hook to set up a day in the life of Spider-Man…who was recently drugged. That’s right, this is one big trippy comic with page after page of inventive and incredible art. Still with me? Okay let’s dive in.

What a detailed way to show off the Spider Sense. Also the “help” dialogue is done in an inventive way. Level up Mr. Rudy!

So strap in and start thinking, “Time for some heavy bombastic art to blow my mind” because that’s what Marco Rudy delivers. Every page is inventive, detailed, and different from the last. I don’t know if Rudy was on drugs when making this comic, but it sure feels like I’m on them when reading it. The inventiveness is so flipping out there you’ll ogle a page for minutes not only figuring out what you’re seeing but how it all ties together. It’s basically a maze, but a maze you need to step away from and go, “oh yah that’s one big beautiful picture that adds up to something.”

Super sweet spider sense!

Essentially a few things are happening to kick off the art. First is that Spider-Man is under the influence of some kind of drug so things are getting out of whack. Second is, his Spider Sense is kicking off, but instead of doing your stereotypical SS, Rudy delivers it in a bunch of different ways. The last thing that’s happening is Spidey encounters a bunch of villains, mostly from the monsters rogues of his like Morbius and Man-Wolf, which keeps things interesting as well.

And to make it even better Rudy mixes up his styles and techniques. It’s quite striking and always a surprise on every page. Sure it’s your conventional 20 page comic, but the layouts are anything but conventional, with inventive ways of moving across the page and telling the story. That scores big in my book, particularly because so much seems repetitive these days.

What is that charcoal?


  • Sure looks amazing. Wait, scratch that, it is amazing.
  • While it works for the story at hand, is in all fairness a simple set up and nothing much more.

Is It Good?

Pretty flipping amazing to say the least. The story isn’t too complicated, but that’s required considering the words would just ruin these beautiful pages. On top of that, the premise needs to be simple enough for the images to go hog wild. Just like you will be doing when you read this!


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