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Is It Good? Abe Sapien #6 Review

Everyone’s favorite fish-man is back and dealing with a world over run by Hellbeasts. Is it good?

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Abe Sapien #6 (Dark Horse Comics)

Story yet again by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie, and it’s more of the same. Abe out wandering, trying to figure out his place in the new world. In this issue he’s in Arizona, meeting with those of the Mexican persuasion and a lady who, along with her father, is a direct descendant of the Mayans. Oh and also she knows magic. Shenanigans.

Sebastian Fiumara is really great. I run out of ways to talk about how captivating his facial expressions, monsters, and…just f-----g everything is. He’s rad at what he does. I want to get an eight foot depiction of his Abe on my wall so I can talk to it when I’m lonely. Uh, but, uh, yeah, the art is great! Really great!

Benicio Del Toro?

David Stewart needs to color everything. ‘Nuff said, biotches.


  • Expertly drawn monsters, and just exquisite art.
  • Abe is so f-----g cool looking.
  • Stewart colors like a beast!
  • The pacing is a bit slow, action is nonexistent, and it’s a bit drab.

Is it Good?

Lest ye think I just arbitrarily give every comic an 8 or 8.5, let me explain. I usually only cover the comics I have a decent feeling about, due to time constraints. Hence the lack of fluctuation in the exclamation point ratings.

While the issue is beautiful, and has some cool history of the Mayan gods depicted in stunning detail, nothing happens. Another tease issue. Necessary, but hey, I calls ’em like I sees ’em. Pretty, but somewhat dull. Like a boring date with a very attractive person you sit through with the knowledge you’ll probably get some action if you strap in. Everything can’t be explosions all the time. Still, the most exciting part is in flashback, so that should tell ya something.

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