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Is It Good? Infinity #4 Review

Infinity and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye these past few months. I want something that isn’t drier than toast and it wants to assure me that what I’m seeing has real substance to it. Maybe this issue will change my mind? Is it good?

Infinity #4 (Marvel Comics)


Captain America decided to call a meeting with one of the Builder guys that is running the Kree Empire to negotiate a surrender for the entire rebel alliance. He sends his best man down there, Thor, to handle the details.

Now back on Earth, half of New York has been destroyed when the floating inhuman island kingdom fell after Black Bolt wrecked the place, hoping to take out Thanos. Doesn’t quite work. Also, somewhere in the world, a guy call Thane exists.


This issue more or less contains a couple of issues that been plaguing the events throughout the run. The characters are still flat or have generic personality traits; Captain America for instance, who is essentially any basic military commander with none of the defining characteristics we know and love that make him unique.

The villains are powerful as usual, but just not interesting. I do appreciate the fact that NOW we finally learn why the Builders want to destroy the Earth (still shaky on why they want to wreck everything else), though it’s pretty basic usual stuff that we’ve all seen in numerous sci-fi stories.

Also, the reveal with Thane has been spoiled already due to Marvel: Avengers Alliance game, so if you play that game, like me, then you aren’t really surprised by any of the stuff with him.

Though, this issue does have two solid amazing moments from Black Bolt and Thor, which I will not spoil. Thor’s one was better though, with really good buildup to it. Though when it comes to Black Bolt’s moment, it has one thing that bugs the hell out of me: How the hell does he still have a head after that beating Thanos puts on him?

Infinity 04 02
I hear Batman’s voice when Thanos is doing this.

But besides that, this issue is still pretty meh. Not much really happens in it, with only three things happening in grand total, one of which is only going to be followed up on in Inhumanity in December (a completely different event and story by a completely different writer by the way). It just very decompressed overall and not worth the price point for information that could easily be summed up in the “Previously In Infinity” opening page. What the hell, comic?

Infinity 04 03
Oh great, that’s another thing the Earth needs right now.

The artwork is by Jerome Opeňa and Dustin Weaver and they do a decent job like always. Characters look good, the detail is fine, whoever colors for them is good, and action looks brutal. Outside of two points where the inker for one scene went overboard (it looked like most of Captain Marvel was turning into a shadow) and Black Bolt’s eyes always look they were about to bugle out of their sockets, it looks decent enough.

Infinity 04 04
You realize your pupils are basically just a dot right?


  • Has two stellar moments for characters.
  • The artwork is well drawn.
  • Badly decompressed.
  • Villain motivations are too generic.
  • Narration and characterization are pretty weak.

Is It Good?

Infinity #4 is just a whole lot of mediocre writing trying to disguise itself with some decent artwork and two solid moments. It’s badly decompressed, the dialogue and narration is silly or dry, there is no sense of characterization outside of placeholder personalities, villains are tough but coupled with clichéd motivations and not much else. Just don’t even bother and go pick up a better event right now, like Forever Evil or Battle for the Atom.


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