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Is It Good? X-Men #6 Review

Brian Wood’s series showcasing Marvel’s female mutants is at its half-birthday today and what better way to celebrate than with another chapter of Battle of the Atom? Can this issue come anywhere close to last issue, which I deemed the best chapter of this crossover? Is it good?

X-Men #6 (Marvel Comics)

I am finally warming up to this team of X-Men. At first I had my doubts; a couple of the personalities in the team are too similar and I didn’t love how they were written. But alas, I can finally say that I am definitely rooting for Jubilee (mostly because of Shogo) and I, like Deadpool, might be in love with Psylocke.

And this is a particularly good issue to fall in love with the all-female X-Men team because they are probably the most prominent characters in this chapter. Last issue I was critical because the comic focused on Jean and Scott, not the characters who we came to see.

This in no way illustrates my point. It’s just a pretty dope panel.

I also like how all the fighting plays out. You could see this battle coming from last issue so I was a tad worried that it might be forced or not play out smoothly, but I was pleasantly surprised. With good action from a new (and pretty damn awesome) character, Deadpool, Psylocke and Rachel Grey, this battle is not your typical Wolverine-dominant hack-and-slash.

The only thing that stuck out to me as a touch annoying on the writing side of things was the dialogue. Although at times witty and clever (which I know Brian Wood can be) the majority of it is kind of bland and cheesy. Could this be fixed? Absolutely. I think Mr. Wood will definitely get more comfortable writing for this team and I look forward to the time when he is adept at writing flawless X-Men banter, which won’t be too far off.

I don’t know what makes it this way, but I love the art at times and at others just hate it. I know, it doesn’t make sense but I have carefully selected a panel which I hate, and one which I love:

I hate it!

I love it!


  • Great chapter to the series
  • Fun action and exciting fights
  • Awesome art
  • Awful art

I also would like to appreciate how much this issue moved the story along. The battle that ensued in this comic changed the pace of the whole crossover and felt very fresh and original. And it also creates a great potential for Bendis to work with next issue. Definitely a crucial part of this event.

Is It Good?

Yeah, it’s pretty good. This is the issue that contains the bulk of the action thus far in the crossover and is unmissable if you want the whole story.


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