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Is It Good? The Fearless Defenders #10 Review

It’s time for tie-ins! Our victim this round is Fearless Defenders, grabbed by Infinity‘s gravitational pull. Thunderbolts managed to make due with its situation quite well, but can our awesome female team do the same? Is it good?

The Fearless Defenders #10 (Marvel Comics)

After the Inhumans set off that bomb back in Infinity #4, it activated the genetic inhuman traits in people across the globe and made them waken their special powers. One of these individuals is dance lover Ren Kimura, who has Witchblade hands now. As she figures out what to do next, Caroline Le Fay shows up on the scene with her female Defenders, looking to capture some of the new Inhumans for herself.

She brought along a nice wonderful collection of C- to D-list female villains that I never heard of.

I’ve been reading Fearless Defenders since it first started and honestly, it has always been a fun book. This issue is no different, with enjoyable characters and lots of great action. It also ties into Infinity well, following up on one of the only things to happen in this week’s issue, the inhuman bomb and what it caused. Maybe not the deepest or most thought-provoking comic this week, nor is it even a story with the clearest direction (seriously, what are the Fearless Defenders’ goals anyways?), but still enjoyable.

The big plus that really made the issue shine in my mind was Ren herself. The issue quickly went over her backstory, but gave you enough information so you can understand. The rest of the issue helped developed her personality and made her a likable character, with a pretty unique ability that plays up her strengths. The writer did a great job with her introduction and made me look forward to seeing more of her in the coming months.

Well, I’m pretty sure every one of us would do that if we gained Witchblade hands.

The artwork is by Will Sliney and his work has always been iffy for me. A bunch of his characters have the same faces, facial expressions feel limited, and characters often bend their bodies in ways that leave me wondering if the character accidently snapped their spine for a moment. Those same problems persist in this issue, though the action scenes are still pretty solid and there are some occasionally good looking panel layouts.


  • Pure superhero fun.
  • Great introduction to a new character.
  • Very solid tie-in to Infinity.
  • The artwork is okay.
  • Not very deep or unique.

Is It Good?

I would say so. Fearless Defenders #10 is a good tie-in to Infinity and a generally enjoyable little story as well, changing things up for the book. It may not be the deepest, most emotional, or most game-changing book around, but if you are looking for some basic superhero fun this week, you won’t find a better option than this.


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