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Is It Good? Avengers #21 Review

The Avengers had scored yet another win on the Builders (Well sorta, they just sort of made a big gooey mess), but they aren’t in the clear yet. Can they win? Is it good?

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Avengers #21 (Marvel Comics)

So the Galactic Alliance, feeling reenergized from blowing a hole through one of the Builders, get their second wind and prepare to fight back against their foes even harder. Meanwhile, Ex Nihilo and Abyss notice Captain Universe has not woken up at all since she was attacked. As they said, she should have recovered and been ready to do things again, but she hasn’t.

Don’t you get it Cap? He’s saying she’s totally OP! She could fix everything!

This issue has some problems (I know, surprise surprise!). Let’s start from the top: the whole idea of this issue and the part in Infinity last week was to get the character reenergized and ready to deliver a pounding on the Builders. So what happens this issue? They all still get their asses handed to them. Seriously, what was all that buildup for if it amounts for nothing? Yes, it makes sense they would go back to losing, but come on! It takes a literal deus ex machina to make a difference because the villains are seriously overpowered.

Then we have the rest of the book. People have told me that the main Avengers book puts plot over characters (about time someone told mentioned it to me) and everything suddenly makes sense. That’s why all of these characters are flatter than paper and they have no sense of emotional attachment to anyone. It’s all about the plot (which is pretty boring overall)! Including everything I said, the story just glosses over battles (you get to two pages with six panels in total and that’s apparently all you need), nothing interesting happens until the very end, it ends on a cliffhanger that promises something interesting next time (standard stuff for this title), and the dialogue is clichéd and generic.

I swear I heard Morgan Freeman’s voice when Captain America said that.

The artwork is by Leinil Francis Yu and it is as good as always. The characters all look fine, the action is fine, and so on. It’s the same quality you would expect from him on this title. It’s just that it doesn’t make the story any better and ultimately feels wasted on the book.


  • The artwork is well done.
  • Cliffhanger seems interesting.
  • The writing has many problems and quirks.
  • The characters have no presence, except for one.

Is It Good?

Avengers continues on its downward spiral through Infinity. It started off so good and now it’s going back to the level of quality we got before the event started. There’s no emotion or character to it (even if it is intentional, it doesn’t help the book at all), the writing is amateurish, and it only sort of picks up at the end. There’s just no point to buying this. There are seriously better event comics you could be reading.

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