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Is It Good? Buzzkill #2 Review

This series has been praised inside and out about its great new concept. The first issue was a stellar introduction to a seemingly awesome yet flawed character. I was excited to crack this issue open and see what comes next after the cliffhanger ending of #1 that just oozed epic. Does this issue continue what promises to be a great saga? Is it good?

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Buzzkill #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

I started enjoying this issue even before the actual comic even started. At the bottom of the cover page the author shares a quote from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous that isn’t only kind of neat to read, it also speaks a lot about our protagonist and this comic.

The opening two scenes were quite something; instead of jumping right into the action from where we left off last issue, author Donny Cates gives us a little peek into Reuben’s past. I think this is a nice move as last issue was all about the present, and giving us just a little bit of a sense of what happened before this series really creates a strong beginning. I think that Reuben’s inner monologue is well written and I am assuming that most alcoholics could relate to it.

And I also like where Mr. Cates takes the story from there. We see Reuben where we left him last issue (in his AA session), although this time, there is a good deal more action. And once the punches start flying, they don’t stop. Reuben quickly discovers that the man who is leading the group therapy is actually a robot and after quickly putting an end to him, Reuben comes face-to-face with all of his old nemeses. All of them. They beat him up for what seems like an eternity until it all feels rather hopeless.

All of the writing in this book is absolutely stellar

I am not going to go into anymore detail about the story in fear of ruining the experience for those of us who haven’t yet read this comic. I will say that I very much enjoyed the following pages and thought that the new character introduced was very well-written and a clever invention.

All of the writing in this book is absolutely stellar. From dialogue to narration to just bad guys monologuing, all of the speaking feels natural but keeps a defined tone that conveys the craziness of this comic. Although the writing mechanics are all pretty sound, I have a little problem with the narrative and the way the story was told. The tale kind of jerked around from one thing to another and didn’t feel much like a flowing chain of events. I still liked the issue, don’t get me wrong, it just felt a little sporadic at times.

In comics, in order for a great story to be told awesome writing has to be accompanied by equally wonderful art. The art in this comic is absolutely gorgeous. The intracite pencils, kind of zany looking people, the heavy inks and the gritty colors all add up to some overall kick-ass art. Definitely an A+ to Geoff Shaw who managed to give this book a great energy and made the visuals absolutely stunning.


  • Oh, the art is so good
  • Writing is all-around well-done
  • Great new character introduced
  • Story is a little spastic

Is it Good?

Hell yeah. If you’re not reading this book, go buy it now, because it is well worth your time and money.

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