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Is It Good? Uncanny X-Men #13 Review

I don’t know how much fun they are to read, but I have had a helluva time writing reviews for Battle of the Atom. But alas, like all good things, this crossover must end sometime. With the story reaching its climax and the ending coming into sight it would be a pity for this crossover to go downhill in quality. So, is it good?

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Uncanny X-Men #13 (Marvel Comics)

Brian, Brian, Brian. What are you doing? I was so ready for this issue to be amazing. Finally, all of the X-Men (like, ever) are clashing at the Jean Grey school, things are going to be pretty intense. But no, this issue isn’t intense at all. It is a muddled, confused mess of action and drama. This isn’t to say that there weren’t some great moments; I loved the Magik-Colossus team-up and thought that Deadpool’s tale was great, but other than that, it’s just sort of chaotic.

Bendis is trying to do way too much in this one comic and it does not make for smooth storytelling. Events do not seamlessly flow into and out of one another and scenes switch randomly which makes for uneven, horrible pacing. And because of this wonky pacing we can’t enjoy any character in depth. I’m really disappointed on the story front.

A muddled, confused mess of action and drama

And the art. What’s going on with Chris Bachalo? One of my favorite X-Men artists of all-time and this book just looks sloppy. The action is hard to follow, the lines aren’t crisp or sharp and the inks are way off. And I don’t think this is all the fault of the pencils; four inkers is way too many for one comic. I love all the artists on this book but just can’t get behind the drawings in this issue.

And even Mr. Bendis’ dialogue which I usually just adore seems off. It isn’t witty and doesn’t create the climactic and dramatic atmosphere that this comic needed. I think that Bendis should have picked a character and told the story around them. Too many characters and points of view kill this issue’s vibe. I do appreciate, however, Bendis’ willingness to kill off characters he helped build.

And while I understand that this is a book almost completely rooted in fiction I have to comment on the realism of this comic. Some characters seem to have an unlimited amount of power while characters who we know are tough-as-nails seem weak and soft. And that’s not all. The killing and violence is just immoral and as any Marvel reader knows, the X-Men are a group with great moral values.


  • Bendis is not afraid to kill his babies
  • Art is a chaotic mess
  • The story is hard to follow and not that interesting
  • Does not leave the X-Men in a good place

Is It Good?

No. And it makes my heart hurt just to say it. What could have been a brilliant issue is a confusing mess of bad. I hope for the X-Men’s sake that this crossover ends well, because right now the X-Universe looks like a joke.

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