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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #8 Review

There are quite a few things brewing that are making the latest Star Wars Legacy series work, not the least of which is a new Sith Lord that’s downright reckless. Han Solo’s kin is on the case though, and she’s got the help of an Imperial Knight to back her up. How’s the latest entry into the series? Is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #8 (Dark Horse Comics)

Check out our review of issue #7 if you missed it!

Last issue was one hell of a blast to read with a great balance of exposition and action. The story itself was a bit of a tangent though, but you can’t blame writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman for wanting to tell a killer alien spider story. That’s one reason this series is so great, because it can take asides with beasties and side quests. Last issue our heroes came one step closer to finding Darth Wredd, a Sith Lord who’s taking out other Siths.

A concussion is the best way to stay in line. Duh!

This issue opens with a resolution to the cliffhanger of the last issue, and while it’s effective, it’s pretty clear the cliffhanger was simply there for the sake of having a cliffhanger. That said, the protagnists quickly move forward towards Wredd and his base. They do some space travel, get attacked by some Battlestar Galactica-looking robots and, once again, bite off more than they can chew. The story takes a bit of a surprising turn which helps keep things fresh. First off, there’s a new Darth Maul-looking character that pops up and second off we get a nice loop around to a Mon Calamari story element I almost thought was lost. That basically spells good story progression for this issue with some, not a lot mind you, action.

She doesn’t know what a tractor beam is yet lives in this galaxy?

The strength of the art takes a bit of a dip this issue and I think I know why. Whenever Brian Thies has an outdoor or daytime setting he makes the gritty, heavy inked style work, but when things are inside and dark the page gets much muddled. There’s a scene where the heroes are getting boarded that is much too dark to be clear and exciting. The comic then moves into a well-lit indoor facility and the quality goes back up. It might be his use of tight closeups that is throwing me off too. You’ve basically got a simplistic style that, when in closeup, gets much too simple for my tastes.

Force push!


  • Interesting new developments
  • Muddy art

Is It Good?

This is another good issue in a great series. It doesn’t hit as high a note as it has before, but it’s still delivering a strong serial story that shouldn’t be missed. I’m not sure there’s a better Star Wars comic on the stands and here’s to hoping it continues indefinitely.

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