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Is It Good? Blood Brothers #3 Review

Check it: Blood Brothers #3, ya dig? Y’all jive turkeys better recognize!

Blood Brothers #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Nick tries to turn into a human, while Tree gets a lap dance. Other stuff happens. Actiony stuff. It’s still got some funny running gags though, so the hokiness of the plot gets made up for. The chemistry between Nick and Tree, and the repartee are the only thing that keep this issue, and indeed all of this series so far, from being completely and utterly lame. Gagerman and Waller have struck up a danceable tune with this ol’ gal, so even though vampires are beyond dead right now, it doesn’t suck too bad. You see what I did there?

The pictures by Evan Shaner are bouncy and colorful. A lot of “playful people getting tossed about and electrocuted” bits. Not my favorite style, as it’s very far from bad-ass, but it gets the job done. It doesn’t detract, in other words. Once again, Nate from Blambot is colorin’ up the joint. He blams it out of the park. Blam-o. Wham, bam, thank you Blambot.


  • Good one-liners and running gags.
  • Bright, Vegas colors. Cock back the hammer, BLAMBOT!
  • Incredibly hokey.
  • So wait, how did a vampire turn into a human again?

Is it Good?

It’s alright. It’s stupid fun—like taking in a B-movie—which is ironically not how I felt after reading the first issue of Grindhouse: Bee Vixens… But, yes, getting back to the blood suckahs. There was one thing that took me out of the proceedings: How did Nick turn from a vamp to a human again? If they explained it last issue, it wasn’t a good enough explanation for me to remember it. However, if you can get past vamps to humans without your bullshit detector going off and distracting you from the Vegas Nosferatus, you should have a moderate amount of happy time with this.


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