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Is It Good? Infinity #5 Review

Infinity is closing in on its finale with only a few more issues to go. Lots of things went down in the past few issues, so can they all come together now and raise the enjoyment level of this event higher? Is it good?

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Infinity #5 (Marvel Comics)

Infinity #5 Cover

So out in space, the Avengers finally take back all the worlds that have been conquered by the Builders. Things look good for these heroes, but not so much on Earth. Thanos and his posse have gotten their hands on the Illuminati’s special weapons and are ready to deliver a harsh blow to the planet. What can our heroes do to stop this?

Infinity 05 01
There’s also Thane here who has never heard of the meme, “It’s a trap!” before.

I complained last issue about the story not doing much. It had two great moments but the story did not go anywhere. That’s not the case with this issue at all. There were in fact, many things happening, including the conclusion (I assume it is, because there is one thing that Avengers #21 implied should being happening) to the outer space storyline with the galactic alliance which guest stars the Avengers. The story with Thanos and Thane moves forward and we find out what has been going on with the Illuminati. There’s a lot of content here to chew on.

Speaking of that, the story was far more enjoyable here than it has been in previous Infinity issues. Thanos and his toadies are far more interesting and memorable villains; their motivations and actions are far more engaging than the Builders and their cronies ever were. The rest of the scenes with the Illuminati and the heroes returning home are pretty decent overall, seeing how they react to Thanos’ takeover and getting his hands on the weapons.

If I had to complain about the story at all it would be with the space storyline. It’s really cheesy, with an overdramatic speech of how the tide was turned and how because of the Avengers, they won and they would have lost without them (personally, I give all credit to Captain Universe and a maybe a bit of Thor).

Also, this part of the story really rushes through and glances over things. It shows a montage of the Avengers and the good aliens winning, saying they won each of these battles without showing even a tiny bit of the battle. It’s the like the writer says, “Look, they won. That’s all you need.” Honestly, it isn’t. Telling, especially in such a dry manner, is not the same as showing and any enjoyment or feeling of satisfaction one could get from seeing our heroes win is not here. It just feels cold and detached.

Infinity 05 02
You couldn’t have forced this cheesy symbolism more if you attached it to a battering ram and smashed it into my face.

The artwork by Jerome Opeňa and Dustin Weaver remains strong as always. I could go on about how great the characters look, how the action felt strong, how rich and detailed the worlds and areas looked, and about the skilled use of colors and shading. You already know it looks good and the artwork hasn’t dipped at all in this issue.

Infinity 05 03
Smash is damn right.


  • Thanos and henchmen are great.
  • Lots going on with the story.
  • Solid artwork.
  • The whole finale to the Avengers in space is cheesy and rushed.
  • Some of the dialogue and narration is dry.

Is It Good?

Infinity #5 is a much need step in the right direction for this event. It has moved past the uninteresting and boring part of the story with the Builders and put the focus on Thanos and his forces for the final act. It still has problems, but if this sudden boost in quality is a sign of things to come, then I look forward to an enjoyable ending.

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