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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #20 Review

Superior Spider-Man has had some rocky issues of late, but I’m holding out hope that all the incredible foundation work writer Dan Slott has done won’t be in vain. I picked up the latest issue to give you the deets on if it’s good. Is it good?

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Superior Spider-Man #20 (Marvel Comics)

Catch up with our review of Superior Spider-Man #19 if you missed it.

This issue is all about misdirection from the cover, to the opening pages all the way to the confidence in the characters. Because of that, it’s going to be difficult not to spoil the surprises in this issue, so bear with me as I talk about this issue in a vague-ish way. The issue opens with a flashback to the events that saw Peter Parker die inside Doc Ock’s body. It then quickly cuts to someone waking up from a coma. Oh no, is that Peter!? You’ll have to find out by reading this issue, but I have to say writer Dan Slott is definitely playing with the readers with this issue.

We all remember this, right?

Things seem to have slowed down a bit when it comes to plotting, with many smaller moments steering the characters in different directions in this issue. On some level you can see some things coming, but how disaster strikes is still a mystery. Slott keeps the balls moving in different directions, which has been the strong suit of this series from the beginning. He must have one gnarly chart on his wall, because everything is fluid and changes seem to come out of nowhere. Oh, and for anyone wondering, Spider-Man 2099 does not make an appearance in this issue.

Damn she’s hot.

Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli does a nice job throughout, with layouts that let the issues breathe, better than the last two especially. There’s one full page spread with Spider-Man and Black Cat that’ll blow your minds, with an incredible reflection in a skyscraper, and an incredible pose from Black Cat. He also does something I hope to see more of, which is making Peter’s face seem mischievous and downright evil in his plotting. It adds a layer to the character and reminds us he’s not the honest to god good guy Peter Parker.

…or not.


  • The art keeps the ball rolling which is important as there are many plot balls rolling indeed
  • If you haven’t been reading this book you will not know where to even start

Another decent issue that’s a return to form of sorts for this series. It’s not without problems; this issue simple has so much plotting there’s not room for too many highs, But recently there have been the lowest of lows so this is a welcome change.

Is It Good?

Thankfully yes, with another good chapter in this series. So many surprises!

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