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Is It Good? Forever Evil #3 Review

After all the tie-ins and mini-series, it’s nice to get back to the main event. Forever Evil continues here! Is it good?

Forever Evil #3 (DC Comics)

After checking in with Batman and Catwoman, we return to Lex Luthor and Bizarro as they (well mostly Lex) try to figure out their next plan of approach to deal with the Crime Syndicate. Meanwhile, we check in with Ultraman fighting Black Atom (the fight that started back in Justice League #24) and see the Rogues face down Deathstorm and Power Ring in Central City. Lots of things are going down here.

Forever Evil 03 01
Whoa! That escalated fast. Remind Deathstorm to not bring Power Ring to this meetings again.

This issue is about getting the team together. We see several of the villains start to meet up with Lex Luthor and explore why they would join up, while other storylines are slowly woven together in the background. The issue also followed up on several of the events in the tie-ins, like the confrontation between the Rogues and the Crime Syndicate. I’m a bit surprised by that since I thought they might be confined to their own tie-ins (not so much with the Ultraman and Black Atom fight, but still). I personally don’t mind that since I’m reading everything that connects to Forever Evil, but what about the others who don’t? It might feel a bit surprising when the book suddenly shifts to these scenes without any lead in to some of these characters appearing.

Regardless, the comic is still pretty good overall. Not much happens story wise besides getting the team together and checking in some people, but it’s still enjoyable. The banter and scenes where characters play off each other are a lot of fun, especially with Lex and Bizarro. The pacing and story flow is good and nothing feels padded out or brings the story to a halt. The characters are all well-defined and their personalities fit them, especially Lex Luthor. It’s just generally and fun to read overall.

Forever Evil 03 02
Metallo: The world’s leading healer when it comes to nosebleeds.

The artwork is again by David Finch and while his anatomy is suspect, his style remains suited for the event. The detail and heavy inking put into the comic, combine with the utter brutalness in the violence works quite well (he was the Ultimatum artist after all). Occasionally you get the off looking character model and a bit of action, but that’s what you would expect. I will say that there are some decent facial expressions this time around, so there is a plus there.

Forever Evil 03 03
Clearly Black Atom should have brought sticks and stones to this fight then.


  • Great, distinct villains
  • Well-written all around
  • Artwork works well with the story
  • Not much advances in the story.
  • Very essential that you have read the tie-ins at points.
  • Either you’ll like the art or hate it.

Is It Good?

Forever Evil #3 does not accomplish a lot story-wise this time around, but it remains a very essential and enjoyable issue none the less. Still has great characters, memorable moments, and promises great times ahead. Still recommended if you have been enjoying the comic.


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