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Is It Good? Mighty Avengers #3 Review

We reach the end of the first arc and also the Infinity tie-in portion for Mighty Avengers, before it is shoved into another event. How does it all come together? Is it good?

Mighty Avengers #3 (Marvel Comics)

An H.P.Lovecraft looking beast called Shuma-Gorath (I think fought this creature in a Japanese RPG once) has appeared on the scene in Times Square. Its powers are beyond what the heroes have and they may be in over their head for this. However, hope may not be lost just yet, with three more heroes still around.

My god, those spaceships… they are so beautiful!

This was a fun and exciting as heck issue. Every character gets their moment to shine in this issue, contributing to the fight or plan to defeat the Castlevania-looking demon (with the exception of two, but they got their moments last issue). For fans of these characters, it’s just great and will almost certainly make them happy. A person like me who is not very familiar with them can still appreciate the effort put here and see why they are all great for this team. Though, personally, I didn’t really understand what was going on with Power Man or White Tiger and what they exactly did to help in this fight (probably would help if I actually knew them).

Other than the fantastic fight that gave everyone a chance to shine, there really is not much here in regards to the story. It establishes why the team stays together, but that’s it. However, the writing is still pretty solid overall. The characters are a lot of fun with how they interact with one another, there is good sense of humor to it, and the speech is nice (if a bit cheesy). It’s a well done conclusion for the first arc of Mighty Avengers and that makes the audience want to see them more.

The artwork is by Greg Land and it looks pretty good here. Characters are decently drawn and there are some good facial expressions among the odd one, the action is decent with a couple of nice looking shots, and I like the use of colors here that makes everything look vibrant and lively. Of course, being this is drawn by Land, that is still going to be a no go for many people, so what can you do?

Whoa, weird time to have flashbacks to BioMeat.


  • Great conclusion to the first arc.
  • The characters are great and have moments that make them shine.
  • Especially good for the fans of these characters.
  • Greg Land’s artwork, despite being better, will still divide people.
  • Just one long action scene.

Is It Good?

Mighty Avengers #3 was an enjoyable conclusion to the first arc (though it really didn’t tie into Infinity much) and offers up an enjoyable cast of characters to follow in the coming months. With the fact that every character got a chance to shine and was utilized well without anyone getting the shaft this arc, it comes across as one of the better team books Marvel has put out in recent memory. It’s recommended if you are looking for a fun alternative to the bigger Avengers books out there.


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