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Is It Good? Batgirl #25 Review

There are still plenty of tie-ins for Zero Year this month (perhaps I shouldn’t have decided to review most of them?) and here comes one right now with Batgirl! Written by a completely different writer, Marguerite Bennett, what can this title bring and add to this large scale event? Is it good?

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Batgirl #25 (DC Comics)

The biggest storm to ever hit Gotham has arrived and people are panicking. The police start moving some to shelters, like a young Barbara Gordon and her younger brother, James. However, this storm may prove to be more dangerous than expected, especially with the fact that it brings out the worst in people.

Also, please take a minute to actually watch your brother and not focus all your attention on Oregon Trail.

I’ve pretty meh on Batgirl in the past. Not to say the comic was bad or anything, but it just didn’t do it for me and had WAY too much narration. Now here, with a new writer for just this issue, the comic is pretty good. It still has Barbara narrating a lot of the comic, but it works here. It works because it knows when to allow the images to speak for themselves, pipe in when needed, and say enough without having to give every single bit of detail to her thoughts. Plus, I found myself sympathizing and caring about the character, seeing her grow throughout the issue as well. Very well done.

The rest of the dialogue and the writing itself is very good. There’s genuine emotion and heart in what they were about and a few exchanges between characters were good (one or two may have sounded off though, in particular with Henry). The pacing is very tight here, building up a good amount of tension and suspense as the situation gets worse and worse for everyone. The story was well told and human, allowing the reader have a more personal connection with it due to how real it could be. I also found it to be very engaging and able to really pull you in, especially with the tension like I mentioned in the second half. Outside of a few story beats that didn’t seem right, this was a well-told done-in-one.

And all hell breaking loose in 3… 2…

The artwork is done by Fernando Pasarin, who I heard is currently the artist on the book normally. I find the artwork here to be pretty good overall. Outside of the Barabara’s strangely egg-shaped head (that haircut wasn’t helping matters), the characters all genuinely look good and diverse. The amount of detail and effort put into the world looks good, especially in the larger and wider shots of areas. For instance, take a look at the page with the credits on it with people are in the parking lot of a raided gas station. It’s very well-drawn with almost everyone you can make out looking unique, the details with the smashed up cars and station, and feeling of panic and mayhem going on.

I imagine this is how things would look like if the gas suddenly dropped to a quarter. Pure chaos.


  • Well written with a dynamic character and real situation.
  • The artwork is very well done.
  • Some dialogue and story beats feel off in a way.

Is It Good?

Batgirl #25 was a very enjoyable self-contained story and a decent tie-in as well, using the backdrop of the storm to tell its tale. A relatable situation and character, who actually grows through the story; good emotion and buildup; and genuinely well drawn artwork. If you are looking for some more Zero Year action this week, this might hold you over.

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