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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #2 Review

Last month, I enjoyed the debut issue of Coffin Hill. I found it to have a lot of potential from what it showed, with a very well written main character and some very intriguing mysteries. In fact, it made me want to reread it again, not just to remind myself of what happened, but for fun. I’m hoping for the book to keep up that momentum and even get better with this issue. Will it though? Is it good?

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Coffin Hill #2 (Vertigo Comics)

Eve has returned back to her home, which seems to be in utter ruin from the looks of it. There, she runs into her old friend, Nate, now the police chief (he seems young to be one though) who is looking for some missing teenagers that disappeared into the woods behind the Coffin estate. Curious, Eve insists on joining the investigation, believing that there is a connection between these disappearances and what happened back to her and her friends’ Halloween night 2003.

She’s also a magnet for crows and/or ravens.

The issue has taken a weird and unclear turn this time around. It states that Eve herself has magical abilities and blood (her family line goes all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials), and there are definitely elements in the story to indeed imply that. Then with the woods, there seems to be a very dangerous supernatural force out there that could be the cause of everything. However, it’s unclear in explaining what these abilities are, what the force is after or what it is doing, and other elements. Then there are points where these elements may come out of nowhere and seem rushed to where it can confuse the audience a bit.

While most of the elements are vague or unclear, it really doesn’t hurt the book nearly as much as you’d think. Due to this being the second issue and the fact that the first one had started establishing parts of the plot and mythos, not everything is completely unclear. We may not know what the evil force is out in the woods, but we have an idea of how exactly dangerous it is and why the characters should be worried. We may not know the full extent of, or how exactly Eve’s abilities may or may not work, but we do know a bit about them from some of the minor things she mentions or what some her actions hint at. There is a bit of clarity and enough sense for the audience to get an idea of how things work in this world that they wouldn’t be completely lost and would be interested in learning more about. Plus, it helps we actually know what the story is about now.

Also, what the hell is up with her eye?

And even besides all of that, the writing is still pretty solid enough, despite maybe the rushed ending. Eve is still an interesting and very dynamic character, who may be a bit jerkish, but still wants to help and do the right thing. We’ve introduced another character, Nate, to the story who also seems rather interesting and a good guy that we could like. The dialogue is good and relationship between Eve and Nate, while strained, is enjoyable to read. It is very well paced and structured, knowing when and where to put the right scenes and flashbacks for the right amount of effectiveness. Also, a problem that I tossed at this comic last issue, the lack of story and unclear direction, is solved here by setting up what I assumed will be the main story or at least the first arc, with the investigation.

Another thing that remains good is the artwork. It still looks very good with its characters, designs, and how it draws the world. This issue in particular gets two special notes regarding the art: One, another problem that I complained about with panel that seemed out of order is not found here. Everything flowed pretty well panel to panel and that made reading the comic a lot easier. Secondly, the artwork really worked well when it brought in the supernatural and horror parts. I won’t say what they are, but you’ll know what I mean when you see them, especially with one of the flashbacks.

Oops! Well, I hope no one was using that chandelier.


  • The main character is still very interesting.
  • Despite its vagueness, the story remains intriguing.!
  • Writing for the most part is very well done.
  • The artwork looks fantastic.
  • Some of the story and character elements are unclear and confusing.
  • The issue mostly just setting up the story.

Is It Good?

Coffin Hill #2 sadly took a step back with the writing, bringing in some vague and some not very clear story elements. The book, however, still remains an interesting read and if you don’t mind that vagueness, you’ll really dig the book. The character is still very enjoyable, the artwork looks great, and some of the problems I mentioned in the previous issue are not here. Definitely check it out.

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