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Is It Good? Nightwing #25 Review

Since Nightwing has been pretty much roped into every Batman event, so why not another? Here comes its Zero Year tie-in! Is it good?

Nightwing #25 (DC Comics)

Dick Grayson is in Gotham with Haley’s Circus and he has gone off to see a movie by himself. However, during the movie, the entire city plunges into darkness and everybody begins to panic. Dick has to get back to circus to meet up with family and teams up with three other teens who know the area. However, it’s going to be a long night.

Remember people, the first thing you do in a blackout is to panic. Panic and trample others.

In terms of Zero Year tie-ins that I have read so far, this is probably the weakest of the bunch. It’s not that the issue is bad or anything, it is just that it is rather average. The story is simple and works, but there is not anything particularly special to it. No strong emotions, no exciting bits outside of typical hero action, and it feels like not much was accomplished (besides Dick learning the importance of teamwork, which is a lesson that I’ve seen better done in My Little Pony). The pacing, flow, story structure, and other writing mechanics are fine as well, but nothing else. Just rather forgettable and nothing much to comment on (though I have no idea how that guy turned into a monster).

Speaking of things where there is not much to discuss, let’s mention the artwork! It is fine and gets the job done, but that’s about it. Nothing particularly special or amazing about it (like some of the darker tones with the coloring), but nothing particularly bad either. Some of the faces look off due to the shading, lighter tones, and coloring at points, but again, that’s it. I just wish there was something else to say about this.

GAH! What the hell is up with your nose?!


  • The writing and artwork are decent overall…
  • But there is nothing particularly memorable about it.
  • Some of the faces on the characters look off.

Is It Good?

Nightwing #25 is not a bad book by any stretch, but offers up nothing particularly memorable or exciting. It is pretty average in terms of writing and art, while functioning well enough as a tie-in to Zero Year. There are certainly better tie-ins you could be reading, especially this week.


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