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Is It Good? Resident Alien: The Suicide Blonde #3 Review

Resident Alien is currently one of my favorite indie series, and for good reason. This fun, challenging mystery has delivered on all fronts. It is well paced, well written and I actually like the art more and more as time goes on. This issue marks the end of the “Suicide Blonde” miniseries but as Mr. Hogan promised in my interview with him a few weeks ago, it won’t be the last miniseries. So with that in mind, is it good?

Resident Alien: Suicide Blonde #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

After the trauma of last month’s closing pages, Karen is recovering from her attempted suicide. Harry, continuing his detective work, is talking to her, and he finally finds out the truths he was waiting for all along. Karen describes her relationship with Shannon, weaving the story of Shannon’s past together with the other information we knew about Shannon before her demise. What you find out in the following pages is a total surprise. Was it a suicide? Was it a murder?

The story sort of ends when Harry and Asta leave the police station; the remaining chapters could have worked just as well if they were categorized as an epilogue. We see Harry get photographed for the first time since his arrival on our big blue marble, Harry finally confront the mayor about his relationship with Shannon, and we watch the government figure s--t out. Finally.

None of the literal ending really surprises me. Harry figures his case out, the government figures him out; it sort of wraps up a little too obviously. Anyways, the ending is good in making you think: “Wow, look how far this story has come” and selling you on the next miniseries.

The writing is great as always, especially in the Karen sections. The way Peter Hogan fleshes out Karen’s story and the truth behind the suicide blonde is really masterful. Furthermore, all of the dialogue is fluid and human sounding, giving the story an even more realistic feeling.


  • Satisfying ending
  • Dialogue is great
  • I’m finally coming around to the art
  • Cover gives away the last half of the comic

I did enjoy the art for the Karen section. The heavy shading and sharp pencils work really well in the flashback setting. I think this is a great show of Steve Parkerhouse’s talent and I hope that this quality art continues throughout whatever the future holds for Harry Vanderspiegle.

Is It Good?

It surely is. A solid ending to a worthwhile miniseries.


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