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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #21 Review

Another week, another Superior Spider-Man comic to review. Here at AiPT we take series seriously (say that five times fast), and we’ve got the 21st consecutive review of this series for your reading pleasure. We’ve liked this series as a whole, but recently things have taken a dip. Can they shine through the grumblings of Dave, and more importantly, is it good?

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Superior Spider-Man #21 (Marvel Comics)

Guess what, if you want to read previous reviews just look here. To get you started click here for issue #20.

Last issue was a good one because of all the damn misdirection writer Dan Slott instilled. For a second there I thought he had Peter Parker revived into a fat woman’s body, only to discover it was Stunner who woke up, and she was fat because she just came out of a coma. She was able to use some Doc Ock tech to make a hologram of herself and go after Spider-Man, but zoinks, Doc Ock is Spider-Man! What is this, Scooby Doo?!

I remember her boobs being bigger in the 90s. ::Sigh:: Those were the days.

This issue reads rather well, mostly because Slott isn’t jamming in five plots to either progress or wrap up. We’ve got Peter’s graduation issue, he’s being accused of stealing Doc Ock tech and some Carly checking in to do. The rest is dealing with Stunner, which actually works to solve the graduation issue too, making this issue end with its own nice little bow. There’s also a truly epic moment (see below) that will go down as yet another awesome shot of Spidey using his strength to save others. The fun twist on this, however, is that it’s Doc Ock’s “superior” webbing that allows this shot to even happen.

Now that is epic.

The issue ends with a nice flourish, further showing us how Doc Ock isn’t a morally clean hero by any means, but rather capable of doing bad to get what he wants. He’s not learning to be Spidey by any stretch and seems to be reverting back to his evil ways ever so slowly. That’s the key, it’s slow, because if it was fast it’d be obvious. Instead Slott is letting it draw out and move in a natural way.

Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli kills it as well. I already mentioned the epic shot above, but he nails the pain Stunner is going through in her human body. There’s a lot of emotion in this book too, from many characters. The end shot of a villain we all know and love is sublimely epic in its depiction of their joy. They’re only looking at a book, but damn is it scary, creepy and exciting.

So she’s basically a World of Warcraft nerd?


  • Stunner storyline is tragic and meaningful
  • Great art, especially with the facial expressions
  • Again, if you’re new to the series it’s gonna be tough on you to love it

Is It Good?

An above average Superior issue, because of the art singing and the plots being cut back a bit. Once again Slott advances things nicely, which helps keep the anticipation up. It’s clear he has a mega plan in the works and god forbid we miss an issue and thus miss the tidbits he loves to lay down.

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