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Is It Good? Superman/Wonder Woman #2 Review

I found the first issue of Superman/Wonder Woman to be pretty decent. Not something you’d necessarily have to buy right away, but certainly worth reading. We are now on the second issue: Can the iconic superhero and superheroine duo up the ante? Is it good?

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Superman/Wonder Woman #2 (DC Comics)


After Diana gets the snot kicked out of her by Doomsday, Superman tells about the creature and how it is currently locked up in the Phantom Zone. Worried that the Zone is starting to fail (as in, people might be able to escape from it) and that the creature might be too tough for him to handle, Wonder Woman offers up a solution on how to fix the problem.

Like the last issue, this one was fun to read, but that’s about it. There’s not much to the story overall — just the aftermath of the Doomsday fight and the two going to meet with someone who can help them better prepare for any future problems with escapees from the Phantom Zone. Really, that’s it. Sure, there is a fight scene with Superman and Apollo and there is that great cliffhanger, but the story didn’t move that much for those hoping it would.

Nice pep talk and all, but Doomsday is still Doomsday.

The writing on this story is good and I do like the chemistry going between the leads, where you do get a sense of care and concern for one another, both knowing full well that they’ll encounter a very difficult fight soon enough. The dialogue is decent as well, but nothing of note except for Strife’s amusing “Oh my god” statement at the end. Speaking of which, I was kind of hoping she would had more lines in the book. The one biggest thing that seemed off to me was the characterization of Superman this time around. He acts like you would except from him, concerned and caring about others, but the scene between Apollo and him where he threatens and attacks the god. It didn’t feel right for the character, despite understanding why he could be mad at the guy for insulting Wondy and him throwing the first punch (well technically slap). I would expected him to be the bigger guy in the situation.


Now with the artwork, it looks good like before. The characters all look good, the scenery and areas are nicely drawn and colored, and the action is fantastic to look at. Despite my complaints with Apollo and Superman’s fight, the action scene is enjoyable to see and a lot of fun, especially when Sups throws the guy. The only thing I could say bad about the artwork is with the facial expressions with Superman and Wonder Woman. There’s not a very wide range for the most part and they often had the same expression throughout the book, some mild neutral look.


  • Writing by Charles Soule is good in general
  • Artwork and action scenes by Tony S. Daniel are enjoyable.
  • Not much progression story-wise.
  • Characterization for Superman feels off.
  • Some facial expressions need work.

Is It Good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #2 is a good book, but again, not something you need to rush out to the store to buy. The occasional out of character moment and lack of story progression hurt the book, but the rest of the writing and the artwork makes up for it. If you liked the last issue give this one a go.

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