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5 ECW Wrestlers Underused (Or Not Used At All) by WWE

If you take a look at the long roster of ECW alumni, you will see that nearly every one of those wrestlers passed through the revolving doors of WWE at some point in their careers. Some people, like RVD, achieved the highest success in WWE while others languished away in mid-card status or as jobbers. I’m focusing today’s article on that latter group of wrestlers who never advanced past the lower-mid card. Some of the blame lies on the wrestlers; most of the blame lies with WWE. Today, I’m going to highlight and countdown five original ECW wrestlers that WWE should have utilized better (or used at all).

5. C.W. Anderson

It’s true that WWE hired C.W. Anderson for its ECW brand in 2006, but he was only ever used once on television and promptly fired soon after. But, I think they made a huge mistake in letting him go because the man was a solid worker who had a gimmick name custom-made for a stable WWE should have used…I’m talking, of course, about The Four Horsemen baby! All they had to do was have Arn Anderson be his kayfabe family member/manager and team him up with Ric Flair and two other wrestlers and it would have been money in the bank. To this day, I still contort my fingers into a C and W whenever I think about the ECW enforcer.

4. Danny Doring

The Dastardly one arrived in WWE as part of the ECW brand in 2006, as well, but was just as quickly let go. He never got a fair chance to show his personality, and worst of all, he never wrestled a tag match with Roadkill on WWE TV. His tag team with Roadkill was a huge part of his success because they were an unlikely duo that people enjoyed. Doring was good on the mic and could have been a solid mid-card player, but WWE saw no future in him. I easily could have seen him in a heel role for years down the road.

3. Simon Diamond

I understand Mr. Diamond has done alright for himself with TNA and is now their road agent, but let’s face it: wrestlers haven’t wrestled until they’ve wrestled for WWE. WWE, like it or not, is the only name that matters when it comes to professional wrestling. For whatever reason, Simon never ended up working for WWE but I wish he would have. I thought his tag team work with Johnny Swinger was highly enjoyable and he had the charisma, look, and gimmick to take him to WWE upper mid-card heights. They could have had him face off with Diamond Dallas Page, at the very least, just to see who was the better Diamond. I was always disappointed he wasn’t brought in to WWE when his girlfriend at the time, Dawn Marie, was working there. They would have been a perfect heel couple.

2. Taz

Yeah, I know Tazz (with two z’s) had a long WWE career that mostly involved commentary and he’s doing his thing in TNA but I’m talking about Taz (with one z). I never got to see the FTW, “Survive If I Let You” Taz bust heads in WWE. The promos and hype for Taz’s debut in WWE were spot on, but bad booking and a devalued presence on TV killed the wrestler once known as “the one-man crime spree”. I realize injuries played a part in his retirement to commentary and I know that he was happy to do commentary, but I feel like I missed out on years of incredible Taz matches that could have been.

1. Steve Corino

The “King of Old School,” former ECW champion and current Ring of Honor on-air manager has never wrestled for WWE and it’s a shame. Steve Corino was a personal favorite of mine because he’s great on the mic and he wouldn’t hesitate to go to extremes to deliver a hell of a match. I don’t even care if WWE had used him only as a manager; he still would have been an excellent addition to their roster. I could easily have seen Corino working a heel angle like the one Paul Heyman just did with CM Punk.

So, there you have it: Five ECW wrestlers that WWE underused (or never used at all), but there are so many more. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg. It’s bizarre that guys like Test wasted my WWE TV-viewing time for so many years when these five guys and a number of others could have been booked instead. Agree? Disagree? Just want to talk about the glory days of ECW? Leave your comments below and let your voice be heard.


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