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Is It Good? Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2

And so we return to Rogues Rebellion, a mini-series that spun out of Forever Evil. The first issue showed promise and lots of potential, but had some problematic artwork. Can the second issue be better than the previous one? Is it good?

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2 (DC Comics)


Following up on the events in Forever Evil #3, the Rogues are separated from Captain Cold when they try to escape into the Mirror World. Captain Cold has lost his powers and the rest are very winded from their fight with Deathstorm and Power Ring. What are they going to do now?

Why, get attacked by this lame-o!

There is not much to say about this comic unfortunately. It’s not that it is bad or anything — there’s just not much going on with the book. It’s mostly the characters just getting tossed into a new location, reconfirming what we already know, and getting into a fight scene. There’s a lot of decompression going on, which is rather disappointing since a lot went on in the previous issue.

What is here is still enjoyable since the characters are still written well and have unique personalities. The humor is well-done in some parts yet still maintains its dark tone. The story is decently paced and nothing feels drawn out despite not much happening. It’s a well-told story despite the little amount of story we have or already know.

Someone’s been abusing Venom I see. Can we start drug testing superheroes more stringently?

The artwork this time around is completely by Scott Hepburn, with no Patrick Zircher at all. Again, I find Hepburn’s cartoony and exaggerated style not the best fit for a story that is this serious. The faces, the goofy looking masks, the brighter colors, and similar aspects just do not match the tone. Also, this time around, some of the layouts and angles presented seem off or a bit weird. You may not notice them the first time around, but on the second go through and looking at some scenes more carefully, there is certainly a lot of wrong going on in some of the panels. Still, the action scenes are genuinely nice to look at and action packed, so there is a plus here.

Ah… what’s going in the second panel? It looks like he placed these guys down on the side of the building.

Is It Good?


  • Characters are fun to read.
  • The dialogue and touch of humor was decent.
  • The action was enjoyable.
  • Scott Hepburn’s art would be better suited for a more lighthearted comic.
  • Feels decompressed.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2 was a step down from the last issue unfortantely due to a lack of story progression and the artwork not fitting the tone of the story well. It’s certainly not enough for me to say don’t read the book, since it is still enjoyable, but the quality took a step back this time around. Hopefully, this will be as worst as it gets.


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