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Is It Good? Action Comics #26 Review

Greg Pak got off to a good start with his first issue of Action Comics, even if he was starting off in a crossover. However, this issue he gets to move on right past it and get straight into his first big arc for the series. Is it good?

Action Comics #26 (DC Comics)

Lana Lang is working as an electrical engineer for a drilling rig down in Venezuela when she and her team are attacked by a lizard monster. Superman comes into the area, hoping to stop the beast from hurting anyone. Trouble is though, there may be more to this beast than he thought and some strange military group has also showed up in the area.

Hey, he’s just happy there’s something he play catch with again since Krypto is out of the picture.

This was a rather simple, enjoyable issue overall. It’s simple in that the story is kind of basic and there’s not much to it, but the true strength of the issue lies in its characters. Superman and Lana are well characterized in seeing how both of them handle the situation (even though it is pretty clear that one of them is not as capable as the other). Superman is especially great as he uses his intelligence, figuring out that there is more to the monster and how to stop the seemingly invincible military solider. Speaking of which, the soldier himself seems rather interesting with his powers and design, making curious to see what his deal is and see him again.

The writing quality is also strong, with solid narration from both characters and good use of flashbacks that it well connected to the current event (though that flashback makes me wonder how they explained to everybody). The story moves at a good pace, never feeling slow. The ending is also very good (though it could have used a better transition or indication that something happened between panels) and offers a good mystery to keep people curious until next month’s installment.

Whoa, that haircut is silly looking. Only Mr. T can pull it off.

The artwork is again by Aaron Kuder, who does a good job. I do like his design of the monster and his depiction of the Fortress of Solitude at the ending (though from the outside, it looks like a big yarn ball). He draws some decent looking action, his backgrounds and locations are lively, and his characters for the most part are fine. The only nitpick I have is that some of shades look odd with outlines around them and the occasional character face makes an odd expression. Overall though, it looks good and fits well for a Superman comic.

Kid, stop smiling. You are creeping the hell out of me.


  • Superman and Lana Lang’s protrayals are great.
  • Has some potentially interesting story elements.
  • The artwork is well suited for the book.
  • Very light in story.
  • Kind of just one big action scene.

Is It Good?

Action Comics #26 is solid issue for Greg Pak’s new run. He gets Superman very well, displaying his inner and outer strengths perfectly. It’s not the heaviest in plot, but it’s a good character piece and enjoyable to read. Action Comics earlier this year was at a trouble point with its quality, but it looks like it is back to being worth everyone’s time. Check it out when you can.


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