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Is It Good? Green Arrow #26 Review

Green Arrow has been on serious fire this entire year ever since Jeff Lemire took over the book. The characters, the villains, the scope, and intelligence put into it have been staggering. Now, the big event that the title has been leading up to, The Outsiders War, is at our door. Is it good?

Green Arrow #26 (DC Comics)

After a bit of coaxing from Shado, she and Green Arrow return to the island where he was stranded so many years ago. Their objective is to obtain the Totem Arrow, an item important to the Arrow Clan, so it can be used as a bargaining chip with the Outsiders. Meanwhile, as the two return to the island, Oliver reflects back on what kind of person he used to be.

Drinking more will clearly improve your aim. Drunk people are expert archers, after all.

The beginning of the Outsiders arc was not as action packed as I and probably others thought (seriously should stop with all of these expectations I’ve been having), but that ended up not even mattering in the slightest. This is a great issue that has both plenty of story and great characterization overall. The story is wonderfully told with interlacing the present with flashbacks of Oliver’s time on the island, all well told and structured so the story simply flows through them with ease, without anything feeling disjointed.

Both parts of the story are very interesting, even if the first quarter of the book is a big recap in order to catch everyone up on the past events (though in a way, this issue could serve as a passable entry point for a new reader). The characterization for Green Arrow here though is especially strong and a big highlight of the issue. While we certainly got character moments and a bit of depth of character throughout Lemire’s run, this issue really ups that as we learn about his history and how he viewed himself both before and after. It’s very enlightening and adds more to the character.

Though some jerkish and immature behavior remains, even in the present.

The artwork continues to be by Andrea Sorrentino and like always, it is just incredible looking. His characters, his layouts, the way he draws action, his double page spreads (the best is the one that shows Oliver learning to hunt on the island), and his colorist all breathe so much life into this title. It’s easily one of the best looking books every month and in a way, his work takes on a new level of impressiveness if you think about it. Look at all the artists for Image Comics (like Fiona Staples, Rob Gulliory, Howard Chaykin, etc.), the ones in Marvel (David Aja, any of the artists for Avengers, etc.), and others. All of these artists need breaks for months to either rest or catch up or there are comics where the artists are constantly rotating off and on every arc. Then look at Sorrentino, who has yet to take a single break since starting Green Arrow back in February and has continued to provide artwork just as good or even better than their own month after month. That is just utterly impressive and the only other person who can even match that is Greg Capullo.

Simple, but gorgeous.


  • Solid start to the new arc.
  • Great characterization and storytelling.
  • The artwork is some of the best in the business.
  • For those who wanted it, it’s very light on action.

Is It Good?

Green Arrow #26 is a great start to this new arc, which promises a lot of excitement and thrills. With solid characterization, a well-written story, and just breathtaking artwork, there is no better book you could be reading this week from DC and probably most of the other companies. Check it out.


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