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Is It Good? Mighty Avengers #4 Review

Alright! Mighty Avengers has broken free from Infinity and now it can do its own thing free of having to tie into anything! Well, that’s what I would hope at least. From one tie-in to the next, Mighty Avengers enters Inhumanity now. Is it good?

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Mighty Avengers #4 (Marvel Comics)


Following the events of Infinity, Luke Cage and the rest of the “Mighty Avengers” decide to create their own Avengers unit that’ll respond to calls on their own hotline network. Superior Spider-Man is not exactly cool with that though. Meanwhile, Spider Hero (not his real codename) is talking with someone named Kaluu, who has some troubling news.

I think Champions might be trademarked, so no.

As with the previous issues, Mighty Avengers #4 was a lot of fun to read. Writer Al Ewing continues to deliver on presenting well written characters that all feel different from one another. They each have their own personalities and character traits that make them unique, allowing each to have a presence in their scenes and not just blend in with others. The dialogue and the character interaction is also solid, helping add more to the characters and add a bit of humor to the comic. For instance, the scenes right after Superior Spider-Man leaves and when Luke talks with Falcon about why he wants to be on the team are particularly great.

Now, the issue is a tie-in for the event Inhumanity like mentioned at the beginning. The thing is though that it really does not play much into the comic itself. All the scenes that involve it take place at the beginning and towards the end, with the characters not even interacting with anything related to the event. Now, this could change in the next issue, but if someone was picking this issue up to see the characters be involved with Inhumanity, then they may be disappointed. Still, it’s a good issue regardless of that fact and if people are not a fan of tie-ins bogging down or overshadowing the story they want to read, then this will be fine as well.

Poopy man indeed. The kid certainly knows how to burn a guy.

The rest of the writing is pretty good. It’s well-paced and good at moving from scene to scene without the storytelling feeling disjointed or poorly structured. The new plot threads started here are rather interesting, especially with Luke Cage’s new Mighty Avengers team setup, and have plenty of potential if they turn out right. The only thing that I’m a bit shaky on with the plot is why exactly the team went off at the end of the issue. I don’t recall them ever being told about a mission or case they had to take, so why are they heading off? Regardless, the comic is still good overall in the writing and plot department.

The artwork continues to be drawn by Greg Land and while his work does not really bother me (I think it looks fine overall here), I know this will be one of those sticking points for readers. The book overall looks fine and is drawn perfectly well (though there is no action for people who wanted it), with being about the same level of quality we have been seeing throughout the run so far. One thing I have noticed that is a bit weird is with some of the faces. People squint a lot, have their eyes closed, or have no eyes at all a lot of the time. Then when people smile, it can look a bit creepy or it often looks like their teeth are covered over by a white mouthguard since you can’t see the detail for the individual teeth.

Mentos: The Freshmaker!


  • Characters are lively and well characterized.
  • Strong writing with a good sense of humor.
  • The plot threads being established are interesting.
  • The tie-in aspect really has not impacted the story.
  • Art, as always, will be divisive for people.

Is It Good?

Mighty Avengers #4 was an enjoyable read overall, with enjoyable characters and a status quo with lots of potential. While the tie-in aspect is rather pointless so far and the art devise at best, this is easily one of if not the best Avengers titles currently available to read. Make sure not to miss out on it.

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