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Is It Good? X-Files Season 10 #7 Review

Now this is more like it. After last issue’s tired and recycled feel, writer Joe Harris crafts a tale worthy of one of the television series’ greatest “monster-of-the-week” nightmares, The Flukeman.

X-Files Season 10 #7 (IDW Publishing)


While the creature’s origins had already been pretty well explained during the show’s run, Harris gives us a great deal more backstory here, going all the way back to Chernobyl in 1986 through flashbacks interspersed throughout the main story.

The visceral fear that the practical effects-built creature inspired during The X-Files’ early days on the air isn’t something that can be easily replicated in comic form. Instead, Harris treats the reader to a haunting account of just how The Flukeman came to be… and how much human thought it might still be capable of.

Help! I’m drowning in a sea of Cold War-era negligence!

Back in the present, Mulder’s rescue from the mosh pit full of Flukemen he’d been cornered by at the end of the last issue comes from an unlikely source. Unfortunately for him), that’s hardly where the danger for him (or anyone else that has come in close contact with the creature) ends.

There’s a bit of a “reveal” about the town’s sheriff, but anyone who didn’t see it coming in some way or another probably hasn’t been reading fiction for very long. The real story twist is in how Harris uses the fallout from Mulder’s encounter in the in the sewer along with a chilling end scene to leave us wondering not just what might happen to him in the future, but also what the true nature of The Flukeman really is.

…and Mulder shoots stuff, which is always fun to see.

Is It Good?


  • Joe Harris takes what looked like it would be a recycled plot line and gives us a haunting new chapter for one of the series’ best monsters.
  • Art by Elena Casagrande is excellent as usual
  • Additional back story on the Flukeman not only gives us a good story, but sets up a terrifying ending.
  • One of the major plot twists could be seen from a mile away.

I knocked the last issue pretty hard, but this one had me on the edge of my seat like the best episodes of the television series used to. Harris also manages to fully utilize the fact that he is working without the budget constraints of a network production to give us some pretty great visuals, all of which are once again drawn beautifully l by Elena Casagrande.

If you were beginning to doubt this series like I had been for the last couple issues, give this one a try. It may restore your faith (and cause you to lose some sleep) like it did for me.


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