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Is It Good? Ghost #1 Review

Not too long ago, I got the chance read Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Ghost mini-series. It was enjoyable overall, but it felt like there plenty left to cover story-wise. Turns out, there was a series coming later that would follow up on everything. Now that it is finally here, is it good?

Ghost #1 (Dark Horse Comics)


Following the events of the mini-series, Elisa Cameron (possibly) AKA Ghost and her friends continue to hunt the missing demons that reside in Chicago. Her most recent kill was a surprise though: the human who was possessed by the demon recognized her before he died. Is he the key to discovering all of Ghost’s forgotten past? Also, a brutal killer is on the loose as well and no one has any clue on how to stop him.

Could be worse. It could be a blob monster and that would be really EW!

This first issue was a very enjoyable and solid start to this new series. It does require prior reading of the aforementioned mini-series to fill in all the details and explain why all this is happening, but it isn’t to such an extreme that you would be instantly lost just by reading it.

Ghost #1 has a simple enough premise that one could start right now: woman with supernatural powers (sort of) is hunting demons throughout Chicago while trying to regain her memories from when she was “alive”. Writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela do a decent enough job at introducing the Elisa here and making her a person to root for, while also providing some personality and emotional depth. The rest of the characters… not so much. Again, you will want to read the mini-series first to get the most out of the book even if there is enough leeway to start now.

Besides that Ghost #1 is well written overall. The mysteries are engaging and I did enjoy the human threat of the “White City Butcher” looming in the background as a possible threat for Elisa and her friends to face at some point. The dialogue is good for the most part, though nothing really stood out. It’s well-paced (Except for the ending bit which seems a bit rushed if you ask me), the story flows well without it feeling disjointed by any means, and it’s pretty engaging with its plot.

Hopefully, a good car wash can buff out that goo.

The artwork for this series is by Ryan Sook (the mini-series was by Phil Noto, who did a great job then) and he brings an appealing style to the table. His characters are striking and easily distinguishable from one another — from their faces to their contrasting builds.

Chicago is visually arresting and full of life, with tons of detail and color put into every nook and cranny. The action is very impressive and flows well (except for with the ending two pages for some reason). Special points should go to the creativity with the demon designs, which look horrific and very off putting overall.


  • Exciting and enjoyable first issue
  • Mysteries and storyline are intriguing
  • Gorgeous artwork
  • You need to read the mini-series first for the full experience
  • Forgettable side characters
  • Ending is a bit rushed

Is It Good?

Ghost #1 is a fantastic start to this new series. While reading the mini-series is a must to get the full experience out of it, this comic has solid writing and absolutely beautiful looking art to it. For old and new fans of the character, you’ll definitely want to give this a shot.


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