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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #24 Review

It was bound to happen. You stick Venom with Spider-Man and you’ll get some tantalizing storylines, this time with the symbiote joining SpOck’s body. What can happen when you take an arrogant villainous man and join him with Venom? Bad things, oh so bad, but is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #24 (Marvel Comics)

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Last issue Flash Thompson was tricked by Peter Parker to rid him of the symbiote all under the farce that he only wanted to help him by giving him legs. Unfortunately for everyone the symbiote couldn’t be contained as Peter anticipated and it quickly joined his body. Things aren’t looking so hot now that he’s been given so much power and on top of that Flash is going to die within hours without the symbiote.

You could say Superior Venom is a superior douche.

A couple things stand out in this issue, particularly because it’s a serial comic with constant balls in the air. The first is seeing Green Goblin’s plan come a little bit more into the light. The second is watching Peter, or Doc Ock’s mind to be more clear, and his inability to control the limitless power. He’s like a drug addict in this issue and he’s unaware just how emotionally unstable he’s become.

At one point, Peter speaks to his girlfriend who’s upset with how her meeting with Aunt May went and what does Peter do? Goes straight to May and screams in her face, even though his girlfriend understood the situation and it was actually not a big deal. On top of all that Mary Jane is back in the picture and she seems to be getting closer to figuring out Peter isn’t who he says he is.

Yikes, that’s pretty forceful for texting.

Writer Dan Slott has done a good thing with this Venom story arc, which is a much stronger salvo than the Spider-Man 2099 arc he just finished. This is because he’s tapping into the characters and their dynamics so well, doing so by using plot elements like the symbiote.

It also helps when you’ve got Humberto Ramos killing it on art. This has to be his strongest issue in quite a while, partially because the new Venom look is so cool and creepy, but also because the facial expressions on these characters are so striking and dynamic. Anyone else like the Tarantula like look Humberto Ramos gave Superior Venom? It goes along with the Octopus theme that is for sure. You can tell he had a lot of fun with this one, because nearly every panel is clean and exciting. Previous issues of his have felt stifled and rushed, but not so here.

Love the facial expressions.


  • Amazing art from design to faces to action
  • Loving how Venom is used to kick off SpOck’s true persona
  • With all the juggling the story doesn’t progress too much

Is It Good?

What a great issue that seems to have come out of nowhere. The last two Venom centric issues were short and quick reads, but this has so much going for it it makes up for the slowness prior. To see SpOck under the Venom spell is intriguing and he’s creating waves rather quickly by burning bridges with Aunt May and Mary Jane. The monster that is Venom is used to show the monster that Peter has become and it’s a thrilling thing.


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