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Is It Good? X-Men #8 Review

More X-Men? Cool beans! Brian Wood really made a lasting impression with the start of this really awesome new story arc. With Muertas part 2 hitting shelves today, is it good?

X-Men #8 (Marvel Comics)


Ana Cortes is again targeting the X-Men, but this time she doesn’t want to deal with them specifically — she is just after the artificial intelligence known as Arkea. This incredibly unstable device might kill her just as well as it might boost her physical capabilities infinitesimally. It’s a risky game that she chooses to play.

That’s why instead of doing her own work Ana hires Typhoid Mary, an assassin with a split personality, to retrieve the AI while Ana contacts John Sublime. Once Mary has successfully stolen Arkea she brings the software to Ana, but not without attracting Psylocke who is now following the two. Despite John’s warnings to absolutely not use Arkea, Ana resists. When John snatches the piece of machinery from Ana it shuts down and suddenly Ana is in need of John’s help, for he is the only one on the planet with the knowledge of where to find other versions of Arkea.


While this is what takes up the bulk of the issue we also see a glimpse of Jubilee and Roxy’s relationship and how the Jean Grey school is faring. In addition, Ana goes recruiting which provides the final scene of the comic.

Of all of the X-Men storylines of recent history, I feel like “Muertas” is the most intricate, well-progressed one. There is a large cast of characters but they all play unique roles that are all necessary to the story. Dynamics shift, characters change, and motives remain consistent while tensions fluctuate. It’s very exciting but at the same time very thoughtful in its finer details.

The handicapping of John Sublime is going to have some great effects throughout the upcoming issues. Not only will it be hard for him to take in what Mary and Ana did to him but he will also have to face the enraged X-Ladies who will be none too pleased that he is now helping their enemies. It’s an interesting dynamic that I am curious to see how Wood explores.


Brian Wood also does a great job keeping this story exciting and well paced. Unlike the other X-Men book that came out today, All-New X-Men #20, this comic is engaging and never once made me question why I was buying it. From beginning to end this comic is loaded with the right amount of story without trying to cram too much in.

And similarly to All-New X-Men this comic has two artists. Neither of these artists are in any way bad, I like both of them in different ways and appreciate their talent. Terry Dodson’s art has a fun shiny effect that gives the characters a little more life to them and Barry Kitson is very good at drawing accurate figures.


  • Great second chapter
  • Characters are a lot of fun
  • Would have liked to see a little more X-Men involvement

The X-Women from the JGS will never be as exciting as those from the New Xavier School but they do hold their own as enjoyable characters. I really liked Psylocke in action, the exclusion of Storm for once and a little bit of spunk from Rachel. And, the scene with Roxy and Jubilee was sweet in its own way and again will (hopefully) be followed up with more explanation in the near future.

Is it Good?

Yes, this is an enjoyable second chapter in a great storyline. There was plenty of excitement as well as plot. Overall, a recommended read.


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