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Is It Good? Lady Rawhide #3 Review

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the last issue of Lady Rawhide, hasn’t it? Several months later, the newest issue has finally arrived and now, I’m left wondering: Is it good?

Lady Rawhide #3 (Dynamite)


Everywhere the Sisters of the White Rose go — they incite revolutions; the people they come across are inspired by their bravery and want to fight back against the Mexican Army. Trouble is though, people are getting needlessly killed. Lady Rawhide is tracking down these Sisters, hoping to try to stop their radical ways or at least inform them that the friend they left for dead, Esmė, is still alive.

Almost weird to see her wearing so much clothes.

Lady Rawhide has an obvious problem: it has nothing to do with the writing or the artwork, but the release schedule. It’s taken almost half a year to finally get half way through this comic and with so long a sabbatical and a lack of recap at the issue’s beginning — it’s that much more difficult to remember every single plot point or character. It’s not that the story is even that complex, it’s just a pain in the butt trying to remember all the important bits that have been extremely spread out.

Eric Trautmann’s is fine as usual. Unlike before, I didn’t see anything overly familiar in the writing or with the plot (there might be some things, but nothing I saw). The dialogue and narration are good, the pacing is fine, the main character was likeable enough, and I do appreciate that the villains of the story (Sisters of the White Rose) aren’t your generic evil bad guys. The issue in general feels like the calm before a storm — lots of things are going to go down next time around.

Layout 1

The artwork by Milton Estevam continues to be good. The characters look decent (despite the too similar female faces), the action is nice to look at (outside of one questionable body pose), settings and backgrounds are good overall, and there are some memorable pages and images throughout. Like always, I still wonder about Lady Rawhide’s outfit and how it stays on her, but I suppose that’ll remain this comic’s greatest mystery.


  • Decent writing
  • Art looks good
  • Slow release schedule makes it difficult to remember everything

Is It Good?

Lady Rawhide #3 is a decent enough issue, that is hampered by the slow release schedule for the series. If it could come out every month or at least take a break every two issues, then this wouldn’t be too much of a problem. However with the slow pace and the fact that the issue was rather uneventful, it was a rather weak showing.


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