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Year in Review: Top Horror Comics of 2013

Another year is down the crapper, and we are left with many Is It Goods that spiral and sink with the other detritus of 365. My own unique brand of s--t went down the john with all the rest of the things digested from the entertainment sphere. And so, conveniently cataloged for you, our lovely, sexy, sophisticated readers, here be the Top Horror Comics of 2013.

Before we begin, I’d like to add that The Walking Dead is not on this list, because I don’t read it anymore. It might have been good, I’m just woefully behind, so can’t speak on its quality. And this is the same way I am with many series. The following, though? Had to read them:

1. Colder


When I think of the comic series that effected me the most in 2013, without question the first thing that pops into my head is Colder. Ferreyra’s art blew me away, and the images from a land of crazies were fantastic. Plus, the plot was interesting. It stuck out, which says a lot considering how a lot of the other things I read in 2013 kind of blend together.

Colder #5 review

2. Hellboy in Hell

Despite being disappointed by the initial issues of the series, there is no denying it’s a force to be reckoned with. I’m waiting to see where this beast of the apocalypse goes, and even with a lack of action in Hell, Mignola’s Hell is cool to see.

Hellboy in Hell #5 review

3. Ten Grand

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. Even though Templesmith is off the project, he helped JMS to build a wonderfully dark universe. Part noir, part supernatural, all fascinating. The new artist is cool, though I’m holding out judgement on how he works on the series until he has more than a few issues under his belt. But, please, read this if you like supernatural detectives.

Ten Grand #5 Review

4. Next Testament


Clive motherfucking Barker. The man, the myth, the legend. I love this damn series so far. Anything with a version of God that licks junkie wounds is entertainment in my book.

Next Testament #6 review

5. Hellboy: The Midnight Circus


I just really liked this one. It was cute, but also had hints of nefariousness within. It’s always cool to see Hellboy as a small one, and this comic, s--t, I don’t know, I just liked it, all right!

Hellboy: The Midnight Circus review

6. Hellblazer


I mourn the loss of old man Constantine. I straight up didn’t even read the last issue of Hellblazer until today, because I was that bummed it’s all over. So you can keep your new, hip Constantine, I’m going to go reread old Hellblazer comics.

Hellblazer # 2…something, review

7. Fatale

Still going, nothing outlasts this broad who has hypnotic power over the men folks.

8. Bedlam

S--t was nuts. See what I did there? No, seriously, this was some twisted shiiiiiiit.

9. The Wake

Creepy sea monster shite. Say no more!

The Wake #4 Review

10. Chasing the Dead

I enjoyed the setting of this comic: small town in a snow storm with a violent past. The art…well, despite some hilarious Tim and Eric style faces, and despite being so over zombies I could die myself, the art made an impression. In particular, the eyeless faces. Those were creepy. And the mythology of the piece was fun. I’m a proud Masshole, so scary s--t in the snow just does it for me.

Chasing the Dead #4 review

Finally, let’s kick it up one more level.

My list goes to 11.

11. Locke and Key

The doors… the creepy doors… the shadows… the creepy shadows…

Locke and Key Omega #3 review

Feel free to comment below with how wrong I am (not that I need to instruct you to do so). And here’s to more horror comic goodness in 2014! Happy New Year… of horror comics!


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