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Is It Good? Abe Sapien #9: To the Last Man Part 1 Review

Back with Mr. Sapien. Issue 9. Is it good? Let’s do this b---h!

Abe Sapien #9: To the Last Man Part 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Written by Mignola and Allie, this issue is mysterious. Abe is out of the desert and in another small town. Once again he has to tell humans to destroy the creepy-ass monster eggs, which you would assume would be a no brainer by now, but nooooo! Anyway, it was well written, and we get to see a little bit of the man in the carriage again, who has supernatural powers such as the ability to bring the dead back to life, and to have bitchin’ mutton chops. He’s also looking for Abe for some reason. I can’t wait to find out why, but since it’s the Mignolaverse, it probably relates to an apocalypse.

Art by Max Fiumara, Fiumara, I love ya, Fiumara. For realsies, glad this dude is back on Abe duties. He druws a perty Abe. And his gooey monster eggs, acid, and the like is a replusive pleasure to behold.

Dave Stewart made the colors all color-ified. They pop! Them colors pop, I tell ya!


  • Love me some Max Fiumara Abe
  • Gross monster stuff
  • Stewart colorified it goodly
  • What do you mean last issue he actually did stuff, s--t, AND I MISSED IT?!
  • Resolution, please; stop jerking me around.

Is it Good?

Again, it’s another decent, but not amazing, Abe Sapien issue. Again, I wish more had happened, but it’s better than Abe wandering around the desert learning about Mayan gods and not actually doing anything other than meeting Mexicans from Arizona. I’m bummed I flaked on last issue; it looked pretty cool.

Anyway, this issue had a creepy undertone going on, which is the norm for the Sapien runs, but I don’t know, maybe it was all the darkness, after all that sun in the desert, but I dug it. Still wish some more exciting stuff would happen, though.


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