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Is It Good? Adventure Time: The Flip Side #1 Review

How often do we laugh and take it for granted? How many of those are childlike laughs that make us feel silly for even laughing? Now, how often does Adventure Time invoke this laughter per episode or comic book issue? I’d wager plenty. Now we’ve got a brand-spanking new Adventure Time comic book to put under the laugh/entertainment microscope. is it good?

Adventure Time: The Flip Side #1 (BOOM! Studios)

As number ones go don’t expect much recap or explanation as to who these characters are. This is more of a #1 that’s going to be collected as a single story.

The issue opens with Finn horribly sick, but what is he sick with? Quest deficiency! I haven’t watched much of the show, but if this is a brand new plot my god how obvious is this one eh? They set out, taking on plenty of missions before settling on the one that’ll make him 100%. This quest ends up being on the back of a quest board and sends them on to a quest that’s rife with humorous roadblocks, ice cream and an adventure fitness test.

Is the doctor Popeye in disguise?

As far as humor — this issue delivers. Since Finn and Jake are constantly taking on new quests, sometimes more than one per panel, there’s plenty of sight gags to laugh at. The overall plot is clever too and comes as a bit of a surprise. There’s plenty of out-there material too, like Loofah Ogres and a princess whose face is a painting that always changes. There’s so many inventive touches to the world and characters I’d wager this issue is more like a good Jim Henson flick and Adventure Time episode rolled together.

The art by Wook Jin Clark works wonders too. The facial expressions are particularly good, maintaining the cartoony feel but capturing the humorous direction of the series in great detail. At one point the heroes have to carry Gossip Bulls and the way Clark renders them is reminiscent of the classic Looney Tunes. It’s illustrative but also cartoony.

Some quests are lame.


  • Satisfying issue with plenty of humor and inventive touches to keep you turning those pages
  • It’s a rather fast read, but that’s more of a compliment veiled as a negative

I liked the first few issues of Adventure Time when they started hitting the shelves over a year ago, but slowly grew tired of them. This issue rejuvenates my love of the series with great humor and nice touches in the art department.

Is It Good?

Very good indeed with plenty of humor for you folk that love to guffaw.


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