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Is It Good? Next Testament #7 Review

My greatest fear is powerlessness; an inability to enact change or to fix a situation is terrifying to me — which is one reason I find Clive Barker’s Next Testament series so frightening. If God was the bad guy, what can any of us do but as he says?

For 6 issues God has come back and he sneers at what we’ve made of ourselves. It also turns out he was never a very nice guy. So far I’ve enjoyed the commentary on society mixed with the high concept, but how is the latest issue, is it good?

Next Testament #7 (BOOM! Studios)

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We are now past the halfway point of this series as it comes closer to reaching issue number 12. So far God, also known as Wick, has been released by an old archaeologist who now travels around with him while his son Tristan chases them down hoping beyond hope to stop the madness. Since God has been released he has killed everyone in Hollywood and generally treated human beings like insects. He appears to have a plan, albeit a self serving one, and there’s not much he won’t do to feel powerful. God is now in San Francisco talking to the people and determining what he needs them to do to show their love of him.

Why warn her at all meany?

The sheer madness of an iridescent God showing up and demanding unconditional love out of the blue is a frightening concept. Clearly Barker and co-writer Mark Miller understand the disturbing concept at play here and how to squeeze it for all it’s messed up glory.

In this issue God wants a pyramid erected in his honor and he wants it yesterday. At the same time Tristan is driving across a now barren desert that was the Midwest to reach his father. What he’s going to do remains to be seen, because really what can one do against an omnipotent power? There is however some interesting tidbits God reveals, suggesting maybe he’s not the only God or there is more to him than meets the eye. These scant details give us just enough to keep the interest going, because the honest truth is not much has happened that can’t be described thusly: “God is a douche.”

Some people think it’s better when someone loves you without threatening them.

Artist Haemi Jang doesn’t have quite as much gore to play around with in this issue, save for the giant brick that lands on a woman below. He renders a lot of this issue pitch black, probably because a potential doomsday is on the horizon, which goes a step further from what we’ve seen so far. This issue is gloomy and foreboding, with the pitch black backgrounds only making the evil that much more vibrant. The world is really screwed and we know it from the art alone.


Another strong issue in this series. While it does seem to be too decompressed, because not much has happened in 7 issues that couldn’t have been told in 3, I’m still very much on board for what’s to come. There are so many questions still out there, not least of which in how the heroes could possibly stop an omnipotent threat.

Is It Good?

The most entertaining and exciting horror comic I’ve read ever.


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