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Is It Good? Protectors, Inc. #3 Review

Time for us to return to Protectors, Inc. and see what’s happening now. Nothing witty to say here, let’s just get down to business! Is it good?

Protectors, Inc. #3 (Image Comics)

John Riley has just been handed possibly the biggest case of his career: The possible murder of Huntsman, one of the superheroes and members of Protectors, Inc. Up until now, no one knew if people like this could be killed. Who could have done this?

Detective, I’m not sure if you should be giving even a small smile in this situation.

Like with last issue, I didn’t have much of a summary to provide here because there isn’t much to discuss in regards to the plot. Riley gets the case and starts investigating, while we get a quick reminder about the dead body of the girl from last issue. Not much else, which makes this issue (and so far the entire run) feel rather slow. We got another plotline going now, but we’ve only started with that and made no progression with any other. I’m personally enjoying reading the series and the story in and of itself is not bad at all, but for people who want a faster paced comic with a similar feel, Powers may be a better option (though Powers is far wordier than this).

Also like the last issue, the writing is perfectly fine. It still has the feel of a TV crime drama (last issue, I mentioned that it felt like the first ten minutes of an episode. Basically the same thing with this issue as well) for those who like that. Characters are decent, though could stand to have some more fleshing out, and the dialogue and narration isn’t too bad outside of one corny line or two. It presents an interesting murder setup and some possibilities for what could have happened as well, though we don’t get to uncover anything too deep yet.

As always, the artwork is perfectly fine. It’s not very special or amazing in comparison to others artists out there, especially from Image, but it’s perfectly acceptable. Decent characters, average layouts, okay coloring, and fine backgrounds. Nothing bad at all, but nothing to get excited over.

Is It Good?

Protectors, Inc. #3 is another decent issue to the series. It’s a superhero crime drama with solid writing and some interesting plot lines going on. However, it is also slow moving and has only okay artwork. Ultimately, it feels like a series that may be good to read, but would be better suited if one were to wait and read it as a trade.


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