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Is It Good? Batman #27 Review

Zero Year: Dark City continues onward, having stumbled slightly with last issue. However, things can always turn around for the comic and that’s what I’m hoping for with this issue. Is it good?

Batman #27 (DC Comics)

Batman is cornered by the Gotham PD, who are willing to do everything they can to ultimately put an end to him. Bullets are fired, things explode, and much more. Even with this problem, Batman still has to deal with Dr. Death and the Riddler, both of whom are out there somewhere and still causing problems. It just never ends for him, does it?

Batman does not like eavesdroppers.

Like with the last one, this issue had a fast paced and exciting opening, which was followed by a very slow middle, before ending off on another tense cliffhanger; this issue was much better in my estimation, though. The main reason for that is that the comic cut back on Bruce’s mean behavior towards Jim Gordon. Sure, he was Batman at time, but the fact he didn’t show the same hostility and the fact that he seems to have calmed down after hearing Jim’s story is much better. Of course, we’ll probably see the ultimate result of this later if Bruce truly comes around on this.

The rest of the comic was entertaining despite the slow pacing and dialogue-heavy scenes in the middle. We do get Gordon’s flashback in the middle, which is admittedly pretty good, allowing us to see how he had to deal with the corruption in the past and why exactly he wears his trench coat, even if it is a bit silly. The comic does a lot more takes on Year One in the issue, with the main and obvious one being Batman under fire from the police. There are some interesting twists on these moments, where Batman is far less prepared to deal with the police and is constantly struggling, while the officers always seem to be one step ahead of him. It’s kind of interesting and how he ultimately escapes is pretty cool, though I’m wondering just how tough Batman’s armor actually is, considering how much damage he ends up taking.

Thank god Batman at least knew the Gotham PD had the same marksmanship skills as the Empire’s Stormtroopers.

The issue also starts tying in some of the imagery and scenes we saw in previous issues into this one. The dogs fighting last issue, Bruce instead of that jail cell, and even that mysterious helmet with ‘Tokyo Moon’ written on it (the mystery with that only grows more with the opening scene in this issue being set in Tokyo after WWII). It’s pretty neat to see them slowly come together and start making sense, since they seemed rather inconsequential before.

Art-wise, what is there to say that I haven’t been saying since June of last year? Greg Capullo is a fantastic artist and there is certainly not a single misstep anywhere here. Action (especially the opening), the flashbacks, the characters and emotion, etc. There’s nothing else I can add here in regards to him. The colorist, FCO Plascencia, does deserve a mention for his vibrant and spectacular coloring done on the book, especially with the colors for the flashbacks where they have a subtle odd filter tint to it. Just a great looking book overall.

Give me a second here, my flashback needs to come into focus a bit better.

Is It Good?

Batman #27 is definitely good and a step in the right direction after that misstep last issue, even if it is slow going in the middle of the book. If you are in this far, you won’t be disappointed.


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