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Is It Good? Justice League #27 Review

Forever Evil continues in the latest issue of Justice League: is it good?

Justice League #27 (DC Comics)


After we see a version of Doom Patrol get completely destroyed by two members of the Crime Syndicate, we turn our attention back to S.T.A.R. Labs where Victor Stone is still in bad shape. He lost most of his body when the Grid ripped itself off of him and now he is merely a torso. However, that’s not going to stop him at all.

These panels probably mean something to Doom Patrol fans.

Justice League #27 was good, but not as great as the previous issue. The opening is pretty much setting up for a future Doom Patrol to show up and really does not impact the plot as much as it could. Just a bunch of heroes getting slaughtered and for fans of the characters that can be a bit annoying. However, the true heart and soul of the issue lies not with those characters, but with Cyborg’s story.

His portion of the comic, which is most of the issue happily, is great. Victor deciding to become Cyborg again and risking his life to save the world is solid character development. Looking back at when he first became Cyborg and now, there has been some real growth with the character (even if he didn’t always get as much panel time as he deserved) and there are some genuine moments with his father, who doesn’t want to turn him back. Again, a real change in comparison from when the father did it back in the original arc. It’s just real good character work here.

The rest of the issue, again besides the opening, is good work. The dialogue is pretty solid, it’s well-paced and structured, the characters are great, and the ending is solid as well. Also, there are some spiffy Easter Eggs and small things going on in the comic that Geoff Johns likes to throw in. The kind of stuff that may not seem or sound like much, but could mean quite a bit later on or at least serve as amusing fanfare. For those who can recognize them, be ready to smile when you spot some of these elements.

I smiled when I saw that robot. Good memories from Batman Beyond.

The artwork by Ivan Reis is up to the usual level of quality you would expect from him. Solid looking characters that display a good range of emotions, decent action, decent layouts with well-done double page spreads (see the Red Room for instance), and more. Of course, the redesign on the new Cyborg is pretty good as well; he’s a lot less bulky/cumbersome and more slimmed down in comparison to the old design. For people who didn’t like the previous one, this look should be more up their alley.

Is It Good?

Justice League #27 is a good issue that is hampered by a troubled and pointless opening that could alienate some readers. The true valve and enjoyment that can be taken from the issue comes from the focus with Cyborg and the decision he makes. Still recommended enough, but not as strongly as previous issues.


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