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Is It Good? Avengers World #2 Review

Your weekly dose of Avengers fun is here in Avengers World, as co-written by Hickman and Spencer. Can they elevate the story and the characters this time around, or will the book continue to mire in mediocrity? Is it good?

Avengers World #2 (Marvel Comics)

Remember how last issue Sunspot, Smasher, and Cannonball ran into some problems when they tried to go to AIM Island? Yeah, it didn’t end well and now they are all captured. However, AIM (who seem to be wearing outfits that enemies in some cheap sci-fi FPS would wear) have big plans for Smasher, while she herself starts having flashbacks.

Flashbacks were mostly likely brought on by her scrambling her brains against a force field here.

This issue is just like the last one in that fact that it is merely okay. There’s nothing wrong with it by any means, but it really does not have much going for it outside of the small hints at the end about the future of Hickman’s story (like nearly every single issue of his run). It’s basically Smasher having flashbacks while also being stupid enough to listen to a villainous monologue about how his way and his plans will save everything. There’s little progression and nothing of interest that happens until the very end. That’s pretty much what you get from this issue.

Speaking of Smasher, I often joked that she was the most forgettable and poorly used character of Hickman’s entire Avengers series, for the simple fact that he introduced her over a year ago and never did a single thing with her other than being a generic hero that occasionally punched something. Well, for the first time since she was introduced we get to see her being used, characterized, and given purpose for once in the actual story. The problem is…she is an idiot and her purpose is to be basically a tool for the bad guys in the end. Seriously, the bad guy even says to her she could leave at any time, but she doesn’t (of course, it can be said that he won’t let her leave, but she doesn’t even try and just follows him wherever just because he asks).

We also get a bit of her background as well, sadly that backstory is rather clichéd. If you have ever read any Japanese manga before, especially the Shonen kind (series aimed at young boys), there are characters who have backstories where they were taught to be brave and strong by a loved one who then ends up tragically dying in front of the character before they are reminded of a lesson they were taught. That’s really the extent of Smasher’s backstory in a way and it’s pretty bland. Sure, they hint about her grandpa being a Golden Age hero, but it doesn’t really change anything and most people are probably not going to be familiar with the character to truly get excited. Smasher got some attention this issue, but it didn’t help make her into an interesting character.

Okay, who put the bottomless pit in the backyard where a young girl could get to?

Then we get to the artwork and it’s…fine. Last issue, I said it was decent and it still is, but after getting through another of Hickman’s Avengers comics, it doesn’t really stand out as great as it did. It honestly seems to kind of blur together in the same average superhero style these series have had. I mean, the characters and the designs of AIM Island (reminds me of old school sci-fi movies) are good, but that’s pretty much it. The artwork is good, but not memorable at the end of the day.

Is It Good?

Avengers World #2 is rather dull and forgettable for the most part until the very end when something actually happens. As nice as was for Smasher to actually have a purpose in one of these comics or even be the star for once, she comes off as rather dull, bullheaded, and ultimately uninteresting. The issue is just not a good omen for the series.


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