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Sherlock Review: Season 3 Episode 2 “The Sign of Three”

Look…this is a wedding episode. Remember when I said before that episode 1 was not too fan-servicey? Well, this episode is, but whatever, Sherlock’s at a wedding! It’s still pretty lame though…

‘The Sign of Three’ pretty funny, but the mysteries are, again, lacking the gravitas we’ve come to know and love in Sherlock. It’s basically a throwaway episode merely here to show Sherlock at a wedding, which wouldn’t be such a big deal, except each season of Sherlock is only 3 episodes! If this was an American season, we could still enjoy ten to twelve more episodes, but taking up 33% of the season with a wedding episode is a bit much.

But let us not dwell on the lack of an incredibly dramatic, and awe-inspiring mystery. Instead, we can focus on the fun stuff. Like a far too long best man speech from Sherlock. Like, faaaar too long.

Oh no, please don’t do your “I wanna dip my balls in it” guy impression.

There are mysteries; three of them to be precise. They’re just kind of shoved into the best man speech Sherlock gives. Hey, at least we get a possible bang bud for Sherlock.

Is It Good?

Is it entertaining? Yes. Is it a good episode of Sherlock? Ummmmmmmmmm, that’s a tough one. It’s certainly a cute episode of Sherlock. We get to see John and Sherlock drunk as skunks, and we get to see everyone all dolled up. However, the mysteries are quite stock, and I must reiterate that after watching this, couldn’t help but feel that a third of season 3 was wasted. If you’re going to watch season 3, you will obviously have to watch this episode, as it does have steady continuity for each of the three episodes. But if you’re hoping for a great, thrilling mystery, sorry. You just get a wedding episode.

It did make for great gifs on Tumblr. Speaking of…

For those of you who just laser-focused in on Beneduckt, hi, I’m Sean. This was a wedding episode. It’s cute, but kind of like that duck above, it’s very silly. It will make you laugh, but not bring the thunder like many of the other episodes of Sherlock. It’s like…a fart in the tub rather than a scream in the rain. Sure, everyone needs a good tub fart, but sometimes you wanna scream in the rain, or you know, perch on top of a building like Batman.

Sometimes you want something that just makes you go silent. This was not one of those episodes.


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