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Is It Good? Drumhellar #4 Review

Because of Image Expo we did not receive our Image books a few weeks back and I was not able to review Drumhellar #3. However, we’re back now to bring you all the details on #4 and answer the burning question: is it good?

Drumhellar #4 (Image Comics)


Drum is imprisoned for the ownership of illegal substances. But he has a plan to break himself out. With the help of Harold (who is now a rat thing) and a bunch of people in some radio organization, Drum is going to escape and keep working on the BogDan/triceratops case. Meanwhile, that crazy lady from a couple issues ago leads a massive massacre in the town square.

I know that people will criticise this series for making little sense and being hard to follow, but so far I’m loving it. This issue is actually the most coherent of the series so far. Drum is well defined as a character and his motives are clear. The only trouble I have in terms of the plot is how the radio people are involved in any of this. I’m also unclear as to why the crazy lady wants everyone dead, other than the obvious “she’s demented and hellbent on killing people” routine.


Again, the art and the graphic storytelling are what make this issue. Kudos to Riley Rossmo. The panels where Doc tries the hallucinogenics are the most metal, album cover worthy drawings I have ever seen in a comic book. I also appreciated the use of sequential art to show how Harold became a rat and shut down the prison. The colors pop and the whole of the story is easy to follow.

This issue was great for giving you a really good sense of who this cast is and what drives them. Drum gets the most actual dialogue he has in the entirety of the series and Padma starts to show some serious ‘tude. With now likable characters, Drumhellar is a lot more memorable and seems like an actual adventure, not just sporadic events.

Is It Good?

Without a doubt. Drumheller is really starting to come into focus, and I’m so glad that it is. Although it keeps up its trippy, random feel, this comic is starting to be more and more enjoyable as the writer spends more time developing the plot and the characters.


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